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At some stage, Square Enix will remake Final Fantasy VII. This is pretty much a given. It’s a smart company, and it realises how valuable a remake of one of its most popular titles ever.

The question is… when?

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Idk why people really keep asking for a remake for this game. The game is good as it is why should i go back and shell out more money for the same story?

If anygame deserves a Remake or an Hd upgrade (New Sprites and animations) It's Final Fantasy 6, for alot of people Final Fantasy 7 was their first Final Fantasy but what they do not know is that the story is inferior to Final Fantasy 6's deep story.

Tr10wn2737d ago

Yeah because 7 was better than 3/6 that's the best Final Fantasy game out there

iamtehpwn2737d ago

If Square enix simply *must* to go multiplatform, I think that a Ps3 and Wii U release would make the most sense considering they both have high capacity discs. Xbox360's DVD9 simply wouldn't be able to hold the entirety of the game quite in the same fashion.

rickhunter892737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

ffx best for me sorry the battle systerm classy wish they had the same battle system for ff13

Deadman_Senji2737d ago

Cool personal opinion. Please don't post any more of them...jesus christ.

FF6 fanboys for the lose...please just stop, all of you

richierich2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

@xX-StolenSoul-Xx Question:Why should you go back and shell out more money for the same game? Answer: Because all of their lastest games suck if they were to make their latest RPGs nearly half as good as FF6 FF7 and FF8 then I would agree with you. But right now I dont see SquareEnix kicking ass like they used to

FFLOVER19792737d ago

im agree with u stolensoul u know about true JRPG . i like ff7 too but 6 is better whoever keep saying 7 is best those r kids or just started ff games or not true JRPG gamer . i really want is FF5,6 come out same time ><;

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rebirthofcaos2738d ago

I like ff6 and ff7, when is a difficult questions, but when square enix is ready to milk it with ff7-2 ff7-3 etc.

pepsilover_20072738d ago

It would cost them to much to make it again, i wish they would, but for now i guess they work fine enough on my ps2 :)

zeal0us2738d ago

If SE was indeed going to start developing/remake ff7 they would of done during the launch of the of that cgi they made of ff7.

Some things are best left alone/not mess with.

Son_Lee2738d ago

Square Enix could have saved all the money they wasted on developing crappy games and just made a remake to this!

But currently, I just want FF Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III. Oh, a new Chrono game too, while you're at it. Chop-chop!

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The story is too old to be commented.