Battlefield 3 PC vs PS3 comparison

EA and DICE have released the first video footage of Battlefield 3 running on the PS3, and eagle-eyed FPS fans have already begun poring over the footage, and rooting out glaring discrepancies between the two.

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GreasyBacon322438d ago

pc will be better due to mouse and keyboard.

Scrotie_McBoogerball2438d ago

It will be better on PC for a whole heap more than just that.

2438d ago
VsAssassin2438d ago

@Hedonism_Bot well our kid's toys have more exciting games than your toy, though.

Kon2438d ago

PC will be better due to m&k,better graphics, DX 11, 64 players, etc,etc

ITHZRD2438d ago

yes, and that's because PCs constantly get better. Consoles are stuck with the technology they had from the generation during which they were released. Also, consoles aren't exactly open to formats intended for different platforms.

mikhail_tisoy2438d ago

confirmed bf3 superior version on console duel to larger fan base

CaptCalvin2438d ago

Larger Battlefield fanbase on consoles than PC? Your joking right? There are more players logging on in BFBC2 on PC than both consoles combined at any given time. If you were talking about COD this might be true, but BF? Definitely not.

Arnon2438d ago

Battlefield has always been larger on the PC. It's the reason why every battlefield game has been developed first on the PC.

STONEY42438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

And there are tons of players on Battlefield 2 still. Before Bad Company, Battlefield was always a PC-only franchise, aside from the crappy Battlefield 2 Xbox port. If the BF fanbase is anywhere, it's on PC.

Catatafish2438d ago

Soon to be 1 bubbler lol

BeastlyRig2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

no not really!

This is not ps3 game it's a pc port on ps3!


don't be made! PS4 comes then it will have our 2011 graphics! :)

caboose322438d ago

Oh you, and your silly ignorance! It always gets a chuckle outta me.

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metsgaming2438d ago

Come on people remember both the pc and console versions are pre alpha just imagine how well it will look when they finish it and then polish !

AKS2438d ago

Thank goodness they labeled which was which. We would have never figured that one out. LOL.

That said, I do think that the console version are looking quite good. All the footage I've seen of the various versions have looked very sharp.

Can't wait for this to be released!

Pintheshadows2438d ago

It looks good on console but the PC version looks incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.