One Last Thought: Is E3 2011 the Beginning of the End of this Generation of Games?

GamePro: "A final wave of sequels; the maturation of this generation's technology and the Wii U all seem to herald the next generation in gaming. Did E3 2011 mark the beginning of the end of the current console cycle?"

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ABizzel12708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I kind of agree, although I've pretty much had my consoles since launch so I've felt those years go by, but I'm not truly ready for a new 360 and definitely not ready for a PS4 with all the great games coming out for it and the PS3 to PSV connectivity (hopefully PS4 and PSV will continue the trend).

I guess as long as the new consoles are backwards compatible it will be fine, but I'm happy right now.

Nintendo's new Console is exactly what I expected from them for better or worst. MS new console will probably go a similar route and be a nice upgrade to the current 360, but at the same time not be all out so they can make profit as soon as possible. Which puts Sony in an awkward position. 1. They don't want to be last to launch again (yes the Wii came out after, but the PS3 was last to launch Worldwide). 2. They have to choose between keeping it simple to launch alongside Microsoft or Putting out a beast of a machine.

I don't know, now I'm really interested to see what MS and Sony do with their new consoles. Will they be version 3.5 or high end.

Redgehammer2708d ago

I have been thinking about the ramifications of what MS's new SOC could be? One thing, I think it means, is that MS could very close to having final specs for its next console. I wonder if it will be possible to put two SOC's in the same chassis? SLI, crossfire in a console? I do not know the dimensions of the "greatly reduced" motherboard, but with MS having to introduce latency to make the new SOC work with current 360's, I am lead to believe they truly have the future in mind.