Minecraft Piston Mod Now Available

Get a first look at piston update coming to Minecraft with update 1.7 and get a chance to test them out right now with the new Minecraft Piston Mod! This new update is sure to bring tons of excitement to the Minecraft community.

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Chewy1022683d ago

Id stay away from this. Something about it feels off to me.

MinecraftUpdate2683d ago

About the mod? Or Minecraft?

Chewy1022683d ago

I don't know just what is telling me is wrong but I just don't trust this site foe some reason. I may be wrong, sorry if this upsets you.

It's just Id just rather go to the official MC forums for the original mod ( http://www.minecraftforum.n... ) or simply wait for the 1.7 update.

I need to work on my lava moat an get it ready for the vanishing bridge I need pistons for. So I can wait either way.

MinecraftUpdate2683d ago

This is my site, please tell me what you don't trust about it! Anything to please my viewers.

Chewy1022683d ago

For one thing, you could remove the popup that asks for your email. That screams phishing to me.

Also you didn't link to anything about pistons or Minecraft that's not your site. You really should post a link to the original mod on the MC forums. Without a source it makes it look like you're trying to either steal credit or didn't bother to look into anything about the update or mod.

Ocelot5252683d ago

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