Will Duke Last Forever?

"If you bet on Duke this year you busted with Duke Nukem Forever. Gearbox now has the rights to Duke Nukem but did they buy a bad fish? The taste of Duke Nukem Forever will take some time to wash out if it ever does. With that game being worked on for 15 years it's hard to imagine people will forget the Duke disappointed. We asked the Gameplay Today staff this week what the future of Duke can be..."

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Raichu502713d ago

Duke is dead who even cares about arnold schwarnegar ripoffs with bad one liners. rot in hell with gex

ShyGuy132713d ago

Can you explain that more?

BeaRye2713d ago

I agree. I think "No" sums it up. BTW, horribly bland title that barely caught my attention. Doubt anyone else will see it.

ErcsYou2713d ago

Forever? Forever ever? Forever ever ever ever?

TheEatingChampagne2713d ago

I'm sick of all these retarded reviews..
I'm pretty damn sure that all the posters above me didn't even bother to buy this game and all they did was to listen to those sad reviewers
Trust me I don't want this game to wash out because IMO it was great

2713d ago
jphelps802713d ago ShowReplies(1)
fossilfern2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I agree what the hell is up with these reviews ? COD can be churned out every year and be in the 8s and 9s that hardly has any changes in it but this game comes out because its too "old school" or something it gets shit reviews. What a load of shit, this is what a duke game is. Its fun, its funny, its not a serious shooter at all, infact it takes the piss out of other shooters and games.

These reviewers clearly havnt played duke games or are just so full of their own importance.

2713d ago
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