EuroGamer - Game of the Week: Child of Eden

EuroGamer - And we're back! Game of the Week has been on hiatus over the E3 period while we concerned ourselves with our assault on Los Angeles. As I noted in our last edition, the release schedule of current games did not let up for the annual bonanza promoting future ones this year. So we return to a towering stack of titles clamouring for our attention in the here and now, especially if we include the previous two weeks. And what an extraordinary few weeks' worth of games it's been.

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Seijoru2737d ago

I just don't understand the reasoning behind rewarding a 50$ 2 hour game with little replayability a 9.

TheLastGuardian20102737d ago

Especially the fact that Alice 2 (which is a MUCH BETTER game imo) is 20+ hours, and comes with the original.

testerg352737d ago

I'm guessing neither of you two played the game?

Venox20082736d ago

game has extreme replay value... yeah, I think those two really didn't play the game... I just can't understand how much passion was made into the game.. soooooooo beautiful and addictive.. :) play REZ too! :)