E3 2011: Five reasons the new Tomb Raider will blow your mind

Gamesradar writes:

"We’ve been running around with Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft for 15 years now, and we’ve been through countless supposed reboots. We’ve seen little girl Lara, dark Lara, new developer Lara, original Lara all over again Lara, DLC Lara… the whole troop. But Lara has always been mostly the same person in mostly the same game. Not this time. The new Tomb Raider isn’t a reboot, it’s a reinvention. And it’s looking phenomenal. Here are five ways the new Lara shocked even us, and how it’s going to do the same to you…"

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lociefer2736d ago

and lots of moaning dont forget tht

Reibooi2736d ago

Well if the article was anything to go by most of that moaning was place holder stuff and will probably be changed and sound alot better before the final game. I mean it is over a year away.

Zeixama2736d ago

Why ? Because ND's U series showed the way how to make an engaging beautiful action adventure video game when TR series makers were twisting themselves at the same stuckholder ; now they got the vision of the know-how from U series and they are trying their chances by making a new self- re-bootable video game of TR series . I am not complaining ; it is a plus and we are going to get another good video game , but why SE ? Why does the ownership of such a good franchise like TR belong to a bad - worse - worst publisher like Square-Enix ?