PlayStation Vita: Get Free Games Today

IGN: Pocket them now, enjoy them later.
A week removed from E3 2011, and it seems people still want to talk about the PlayStation Vita, Sony's next portable system that got a full reveal at the show. Lots of people are talking about how they never played PSP but are all set to get down with the PlayStation Vita.

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Warprincess1162736d ago

Wow. This article is so lame. I already knew all of this.

ABizzel12736d ago

I'm not one to make fun of someone, but "No S#!#". I can't see how anyone hasn't put this together. We've been knowing you can play PSP games on the PSV, so it made sense to get the free PSP games.

AAACE52735d ago

Well, some people like myself haven't put 2 and 2 together!

I have 2 modded Psp's that I don't even play. But because I bought them that way, I didn't even bother downloading the games.

This article helps because I plan on getting Vita, so I don't have to let them go to waste!

zerox5052735d ago

hey warprincess i heard the staff member on n4g is very fond of you

Mr Patriot2735d ago

he wants to fuck her/him

Solidus187-SCMilk2735d ago

I assume they are talking about downloading your 2 free PSP games from PSN and put them on your VITA when you get one.

I already did that becuse I will probably get a vita and never had a PSP.

I really thought that I would never get a handheld again because im 25 now, but vita looks pretty cool. I figure I can also use it as a MP3 player since I only have a crap ass one, and if Im gong to spend alot on a ipod, I should just buy a vita instead.

I already got my 2 free psp games and I would love to play ps1 games on it too. Playing them on the small screen should make them look nice, at least the ones with pre-rendered backgrounds like RE2 and FF7.

DlocDaBudSmoka2735d ago

You're not the same Warprincess from The Tester are you? if so, god help us all.

DarkBlood2735d ago

pffffffffffffffffft lol i doubt it

Nitrowolf22735d ago

It wouldn't be the first time we had Tester contestant on N4G

Nitrowolf22735d ago

DOC from season 1 made a submission on here about his real life and even made some comments.


I think it was her, she came on here ticked off and posted in Tester articles about who won it before they even showed off the final episodes.

banjadude2735d ago

Cyrus is here too. I think his username is UNCyrus.

banjadude2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I actually asked her in a PM, and she said "no". Though, who knows for absolute sure, right???

Parapraxis2735d ago

I actually hadn't thought od that.
Going to DL them now =)

-EvoAnubis-2735d ago

Seriously? I connected the dots on this one soon as they said the NGP played PSP games. So did everyone else I know.

Ddouble2735d ago

Yea i downloaded LBP and Mod Nation racers in anticipation for the Vita then they showed upgraded versions of both games in E3 so no point really.

nevin12735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.