E3 2011 Twisted Metal Single Player Gameplay

Single Player onscreen footage of Sweet Tooth in the new Twisted Metal at E3 2011

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Dart892657d ago

Ahhh that brings memories back from the ps1 days.Cna't wait till October 4 to get it.

Nickster8002657d ago

Ya me too, I was so happy to see this, all the destruction looks awesome!

Prcko2657d ago

same here,can't w8 to play this again

jack_burt0n2656d ago

those big ps1 boxes sucked so bad :) great memories tho.

metsgaming2656d ago

Just wondering, there is no reticle how does the shooting work. If you move your camera to the right it will shoot straight at what your looking at and if so at what point does it stop like 90 degrees to either side and you cant fire? Or does it shoot even if you are looking behind you?

Nickster8002656d ago

No i think the video is just like that, in other gameplay there is a reticle.

Nitrowolf22656d ago

This is third person recording. I know the game in third person view. It's like COD: Black Ops theatre mode

Nickster8002656d ago

Ya its always been third person, but not at that angle, its just the video. In the game the cameras right behind the car and theres a reticle.

yamzilla2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )


Glad to see this game coming up!! The early builds had me nervous when this was first announced but it looks like they have been working overtime!

Freaking looks badass!

I am going to pick this one up and take myself down memory lane in hd!

Mr Tretton2656d ago

In pathetic 720p with jaggies!!!! ;)


Kon2656d ago

Haha i was expecting that.

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The story is too old to be commented.