Battlefield 3: 'Everyone wants us to fight CoD, but we're competing at different sports'

Speaking to PSM3 in the exclusive ten-page hands-on preview in its latest issue, Battlefield 3 exec producer Patrick Bach claimed his game and Modern Warfare 3 are very different shooters - but that certainly hasn't stopped fans calling for blood.

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NateCole2737d ago

Its true though. BF3 is not for the trigger happy camper one man rambo players.

TurismoGTR2737d ago

BF3 - It's for the Hardcore gamers
COD - It's for the 12 year olds who likes to camp.

Series_IIa2737d ago

You've obviously not played BF2 since its full of campers...

ape0072737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I also found out that the so called "adult elite\hardcore, full of testosterone , [email protected], trash talkin, chick bangin gamers on net" acting WAY more immature than 12 year old who like cod

I was 10 year old and my favorite games were goldeney and turok 2, does that mean that goldeney or turok 2 are for kiddies, when i was 13 I was\is a fan of gta, does that mean that gta is for 13 year old?

I could go on and on(mario, zelda, smash bros, mario kart, sonic, donkey kong, crash, gran turisom, gears of war, halo,splinter cell, metal gear, god of war need for speed.........)

all of these are legendary games who appeals to all kinds of gamers

simply put Call of duty appeals to all kind of gamers, even appeal to some female gamers and that's a POSITIVE POINT and you know that you are jealous of that but somehow haters twist it into a negative point

btw, I can't wait for both BF and MW

2736d ago
EVILDEAD3602737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Lol @ EA starting this fake 'battle' then pawning it onto the fans..

This is either brilliant or it's going to be the biggest backfire in gaming history.

Either way what EA is about to learn is that the few hundred people that come online hating on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 won't matter at the end of the day..even if EVERY single hater never bought another COD game..they will still be on top saleswise.

What's interesting is EA is backing B3 with a 100 million dollar advertising budget and no one is saying a word. If this was some other popular to hate title then the excuses of the budget would come up every post.

My prediction..and I'm rarely wrong..and if I am it's partially..Battlefield 3 will have an great first week..upwards of 2 million.but the momentum will be hampered by what is going gto be the biggest clash of hatred and bitterness from the PC vs. PS3 vs 360 war of 'which is better' syndrome.

The gaming magazines and media are going to give BF3 extremely high score only bested by UC3 scores. Call of Duty: MW3 will get 8.5s around the board.

But, the fans are going to break unearthly records buying MW3..If you own a 360 and thought Black Ops and Halo Reach dominated your friends what happens two weeks after the Battlefield 'stalemate of hate' has subsided (I should copywrite that).

I repeat Battlefield will sell 7 million+ for all it's hype and anti-MW talk..

But MW3? It's going to SHATTER Black Ops numbers

And it'll be interesting to see the quotes from both camps then..


Reefskye2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

"What's interesting is EA is backing B3 with a 100 million dollar advertising budget and no one is saying a word. If this was some other popular to hate title then the excuses of the budget would come up every post. "

Aye but one game doesnt do anything to improve while the other does..

NarooN2736d ago

Nope. The majority of Battlefield players are still where the series began: the PC.

Most of the true fans will buy the game regardless of all the PR and hype bullshit generated mostly by casuals. They don't care about the "which version is superior" shit.

And MW3 might sell a lot, but I can guarantee that BF3 will sell enough to be a success while also being an actual quality game.

2736d ago
EVILDEAD3602736d ago

Sorry Ocelot..not even close to a Call of Duty fan boy..but I definately have a blast playin' em.

The funny part is even ACTIVISION's tracking is telling them exactly what I've already's going to out due Black Ops.

In fact, I could care less about your quotes, it's the same for all the few hundred COD haters (90% mad because of MW2 dedicated servers or Activion's PS3 comments)

So quote me on this..Battlefield 3 will sell great..but watch what happens two weeks later. In fact, MW3 preorders are going to break records..quote ME on that.

You underestimate American gamers..and you CLEARLY underestimate holiday game sales..but don't worry, reality will kick in in November.


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zeksta2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty were never in the same Genre of FPS, by that I mean..

Call of Duty is your run and gun shoot em up trigger happy fast paced game, add small maps and you get the addition of Campers.

Battlefield on the other hand is a much more tactical take on games, with Vehicles instead of killstreaks and the required intellect and skill to actually flank a group of and capture objectives and flags, instead of throwing a grenade in peoples faces, then spamming them with bullets.

TLDR Version:

Simply put, Battlefield 3 caters for the more.. Intellectual and skillful crowd that enjoy a challenge, where Call of Duty is something to jump in and play if your just bored or wanna have a quick game with friends.

evrfighter12737d ago

dont know bout you but i was ground pounding non stop action in karkand just as much as I did cod4

zeksta2737d ago

Yeah, I gotta admit, Karkand had that really great feel with Battlefield, the map was just pure awesome, but it had that tactical feel if you know other ways around ;)

Sarcasm2737d ago

Well actually to put it simply, Battlefield is a thinking man's game. Call of Duty is a twitch shooter that just so happens to be filled with girly voiced 12 year olds.

Don't get me wrong, there are some girly voiced 12 year olds on Battlefield too, but the difference is that they only last a few rounds and go back to COD.

Inside_out2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Looks like the weight of COD is starting to crush Dice's spirt as the monumental task they are facing is starting to hit home. Dice, you have no one to blame but yourselves with that big dumb mouth of yours. COD Elite must of blown them away.

As to the whole " mature " thing, what they are saying is Battlefield 3 is nothing new and it will be the same " old " game play in a shinier skin. COD is the anti Battlefield and MOH. That is why it became so popular and the highest selling multi-player fPS this gen. It is also why the wannabes out there are copying COD.

People always cry about a new COD...don't buy it. It's one game that releases in November...ignore it and buy whatever else you like. It's the industry that is chasing the cod sales...that's not Activision or it's devs fault.

Hicken2737d ago

I don't think EA really cares much about CoD. Simply put: they put out a QUALITY title, whereas CoD is the one that's "the same old game in a shinier skin." Except it's not shinier; it's just as tarnished as the last three installments.

CoD became popular because it was easy to play. It still is. There's auto-aim on small maps, martyrdom to kill people you couldn't take out when you were alive, perks and killstreaks that mean you don't have to shoot more than 3 people yourself, etc. It sells high because of its name: MW and WaW created the (obviously false) impression that every game in the series would be amazing... but everything after those two was really just a rehash OF those two. Which made it that much easier for preteens with unattentive parents to hop right on (especially on Xbox) and start glitching and camping left and right.

No, it's not Activision's fault, or the fault of the developer. It's the fault of dumb consumers that keep going out and buying last year's model with a new coat of paint. It's the fault of the people that pay 15 dollars four three new maps, when two of them were already rendered from a previous game. And it's the fault of the fanboys who defend all the crap that's allowed to be released.

Why the hell are we still paying full price for Black Ops? Is there another game sold last year that's still out for full retail price?

MRHARDON2737d ago

If EA wants to try and take over COD, they need to stop talking about COD.

Activison does not have to do any advertising for MW3, EA is doing it for them.

Sarcasm2737d ago

Actually it makes sense they talk about COD because that will catch the attention of COD fans.

Think about it, they put big signs that says "This game is better than Call of Duty" so what do you think those COD fans will say? They'll try it to see what it's all about.

ape0072737d ago

exactly, it's like gran turismo vs burnout

Sarobi2737d ago

EA wouldn't talk this much trash unless they knew they truly had a major plan to back it up, and with all this COD bashing they are probably going all out on BF3

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