Best of XBLA at E3 2011

Now that XBLAFans trip to video game heaven has come and gone, it’s time to give you the run-down on the very best XBLA titles from E3 2011. XBLAFans spent five hectic days getting our eyes and hands on every XBLA game possible and XBLA Fans has picked out fifteen games that stood out from the crowd.

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cain1412708d ago

So many good XBLA games!

Yi-Long2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

... instead of all that focus on Kinect.

The new Trials looks very nice. Loved the first game, although it became quite hard later on, especially considering I'm restarting every level as soon as I die once.

lordolunch2708d ago

Amy looks like a buy for me

M1chl2708d ago

XBLA is where the Xbox shines.