PR Reps vs Journalists: The Dynamics of a Complicated Relationship

VGW: Unfortunately, the overarching theme I’ve noticed with PR reps — though there are exceptions — is that they feel as though they have the power over the journalists. The way I see it, the PR/journalist relationship is one that should be truly symbiotic. PR reps provide the journalists with press releases, interviews, and, of course, review copies. That undoubtedly helps us do our jobs better. On the flip-side, however, journalists provide PR reps with free publicity for the products they are working and the clients they are serving.

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Biggunz2739d ago

'Journalists' it seems, when it comes to video games is a very loose term anymore. Any yayhoo with a website is now a 'Journalists'.

Soldierone2739d ago

I've never had an issue with a majority of the PR reps I have came in contact with. They do their job as they see fit, of course there are better ones than others but that you can't help it. As long as you provide the content and the hits for the PR, the PR will be satisfied and not stand at a higher ground than you.

At E3 there were a few reps that were acting like they were guarding a secret treasure, while others were like yeah come on back! Activision probably has the best PR reps I have worked with. Very communicative and a good majority of them at E3 were very friendly, except maybe one or two that seemed to be following things by the book.

Most PR's will simply look at how long you have been around and the audience you cater to and judge it based off that. Which should in the long run deter all the talentless "i just want free games" hacks away. Hopefully the game industry doesn't turn into the movie industry....

AdrianHD2739d ago

Bubble up. Couldn't have said it better.

xyxzor2739d ago

Step-3 does a phenomenal job.

Blaze9292739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I think personally from what I've seen from friends who do this, that PR reps need to cater more to the up and coming websites/outlets instead of going straight to IGN, Gametrailers, Gamestop, 1UP etc. so damn often.

Over and over they let them get the exclusives, early review copies and dates to publish them. I'm like, these are the people who can make or break a game in an instant by just posting a score.

Stop letting them have the exclusive announcement. Stop giving them the exclusive screenshots and/or videos. Stop giving them so much strength and build up many different establishments so that when IGN or whoever gives a game a 2/10, that doesn't mean the end of that game and possible the developers who made the game.

Site/outlet doesn't have enough viewers? Not worth your time? Well help them become worth your time. It's kind of THEIR JOB as PR Reps to reach out to the world by all means possible. Saying, "Gamespot is the #1 gaming let's just keep sticking with them over and over," doesn't help anything.

No, readers and viewers will have MANY more outlets they can go to and know of to trust their opinion.

The usual sites have way too much influence and power and I don't see why no one notices that crap. It's the smaller sites/publications that actually care and take time to play these games. It's a passion and not just a job. Ofc, eventually some will loose that sight and drool at the money and/or power but when that happens, on to building the next brand.

This is N4G. Probably the only means of getting attention to a lot of smaller publications. IGN doesn't have to rely on this site. Gamespot doesn't have to rely on this site. But a lot of smaller sites do JUST to get known. If this wasn't such an issue, this site wouldn't be all that bad and not so much a competition everytime for someone to submit something probably, sub-par, only FIRST! FIRST, so yours is a duplicate story! NUH UH! - pointless bickering. While IGN and others just kick back with their feet up.

I'm so glad I don't do any of this any more. Feels good to just play games again and not report about them lol because stuff like this makes me sick.


AridSpider2739d ago

oh my f'ing word mate, feel like I just read a page out of the bible..or Martin Luther King's diary. Well said!

killyourfm2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

@Blaze929: Simply the best comment on n4G. Ever.

ProA0072739d ago

omg can someone make an article or something out of Blaze's comment? More people need to read that! PR people need to SEE that! Bravo blaze brazo! Best comment I've seen on this site all month