The Question: Do cutscenes represent narrative failure?

Destructoid: The subject of cutscenes crops up rather regularly in the games industry. There is an increasing trend among developers to write cutscenes off as narrative failures, an attitude that declares any story that cannot be told within an interactive context runs contrary to what a videogame should be.

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PirateThom2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

What's the difference between a cutscene and an "interactive narrative segment" where you're basically locked to one location? The game still doesn't progress and, even worse, there's definitely no skip option.

ZNOOTGAT2709d ago

I feel like cut-scenes bring games to life. They also make them more enjoyable to watch for those who aren't into video games of course.

MintBerryCrunch2709d ago

cutscenes are me time to take a break and take in what just happened that lead up to that it opens up the story and moves the story and game forward

its the one thing that connects movies to games...when a game like MGS4 is very cinematic it opens up the opportunity to new audiences...ive had relatives watch me play MGS just for the cut scenes because they liked how in depth it was and how interesting the characters were