PS3 - Best of Dynamic themes so Far

Dynamic themes for PS3 came out last year & we never heard a lot about them unless they're game related , However PS3 pack some impressive collection of Dynamic themes that put those game-related ones to shame

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Warprincess1162376d ago

I still want that Infamous 2 theme :(

zep2375d ago

its free if your a member of ps plus right now i think everyone is because of the welcome back package

EliteDave932375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I cant find it in PS store for some reason :/ maybe its becuse im in the EU?

UltimateIdiot9112375d ago

I think it was part of Qore episode 36.

DragonKnight2375d ago

Dammit, I want that lava tunnel theme but it's only for the UK store and I'm in Canada. We should get a Commonwealth hookup. Lol.

AngryTypingGuy2375d ago

The Sega Genesis dynamic theme is pretty cool. The Genesis itself looks life-like.

xabmol2374d ago


Whoah.... Looks like my old room.

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Grave2375d ago

Yep Demon's Souls will never be beat. Best theme ever and never coming off my PS3.

malamdra2375d ago

the Motorstorm 3 theme is awesome

ThrazN72375d ago

the theme is ok. it's Cole standing their with red and blue electricity glowing from his hands

Undeadwolfy2375d ago

Im in the.EU and have the Infamous 2 theme. I think its been taken down cos it was part of last month.

hazardman2375d ago

The Infamous 2 Theme is sick! Why don't you have it? I got from PS Plus.

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CNXN2375d ago

I still love that Heavy Rain dynamic theme... its classy

Knushwood Butt2375d ago

I bought it but it's not my favourite. It's OK.

StarWolf2375d ago

that tank one is really cool , i wish it were helghast tanks, id buy it

Neko_Mega2375d ago

I own pretty much all the themes I like..... Yeah thats right I own more then 20.

capitalK2375d ago

I liked the fish tank one

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The story is too old to be commented.