RoboAwesome's Record of Agarest War Zero | Review (XBOX 360)

"I never played the first Record of Agarest War. To be frank, the marketing scared me away. I tend to make a point of staying away from anything involving mousepads sporting three-dimensional tits. That said, the sequel/prequel, Record of Agarest War Zero, seemed to have toned down the utterly ridiculous horny basement-dweller bait. As a fan of goofy obscure jRPGs I couldn’t help but let my curiosity get the best of me now that picking it up wouldn’t make me look like some kind of sexually-deprived nerd troglodyte. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and what I discovered was a low budget grid RPG with a handful of interesting new gameplay features I’ve never encountered before. Unique gimmicks are fun and all, but do they enhance the experience or simply try to gloss over mediocrity? Read on to find out!" -

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AronDeppert2739d ago

Dang, I had such high hopes for this. Still, 60 isn't TOO bad of a score.

Desert Turtle2739d ago

The Dreamcast version was utter shit.

Moduserous2739d ago

Guess I didn't miss much then.

radphil2739d ago


That's Record of LODOSS War

Jesus...people are ready to board the hate train without even the correct info.

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RoboSpiff2739d ago

I still use that mouse pad

RoboSpiff2738d ago

Man it was very hard to get the naughty version too. Figures that's the day gamestop started hiring girls, so she looked at me like I was some dirt bag.