RadiuzReviews: L.A. Noire (PS3)

Exploring 1940's LA, I hear people talking to eachother as I walk by, I see Police Cars chasing fugitives, I see the odd restaurant that I can walk in and take a seat whilst looking out the window watching cars pass by, Besides this beutiful landscape lies a dark crime wave, you are Cole Phelps, and its your job to stop these crimes! You'll have to chase suspects via car or by foot, Interview suspects and find out the culprit of REAL murders, yes, real, lots of murders in LA Noire are based on true events, like the Homicide Cases are based on the 'Black Dehlia' murders.
LA Noire is a must have for ANY gamer and is truly one of the games that defines modern gaming! Although each desk is quite short, there are enough cases to make around 25 Hours of Gameplay!

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