L.A. Noire Gets Title Update 2.0

Rockstar Games have just released the latest title update for L.A. Noire which includes a few fixes and upgrades.

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xPhearR3dx2710d ago

Updates are always welcome. Can't wait to play the new case next week. It looks intense.

sam22362710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Does it fix the overheating issue?

EDIT: And this is a legit question. I want to buy it, but if it's still causing consoles to overheat, I'm not going to touch the thing.

EDIT 2: @nopunctuation: Yes, yes there was (Or probably still is). Google it.

nopunctuation2710d ago

There is no overheating issue.

xPhearR3dx2710d ago

Yea L.A. Noire wasn't causing the issue, it was just people's old PS3/360's.

nopunctuation2710d ago

Yeah people said the same thing about halo 3, modern warfare 2 and any other game that pumps out high graphics and can be played for hours. Seriously dude, dont believe everything you read on the internet. If everything on the internet was true, my ps3 would have bricked 10 times by now from updating the firmware.

jon12342710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

no thats not true, everyone who says this happens, its all a coincidence, and it is true its from having an old ps3 or 360. the only reason people think these games cause a system to brick is because they are all popular games and everyone is playing them, so a bunch of systems break down at the same time with the same game in them, and people start blaming the games! when it is not the case!

*sorry about the double commenting, my mistake

bloodybutcher2710d ago

my ps3 for example got frozen once while playing la noire,but restarting console helped luckily(previous 60gb died on me while playing heavy rain).apart from that there was no issues during playing^^and i agree,it is not games that cause the problem,it is hardware itself.but still i will not get me ps slim,sticking with good old 60gb^^(well,320gb now)

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AtomicGerbil2710d ago

There is no overheating issue, do you believe everything you read on the internet?

Yes I have googled it and I noticed that every story was reported over 4 days in May and none since.

I've played this game for hours without overheating, yes, the fan runs excessively, but it does the same with Red Dead Redemption amongst other games, this could have been the catalyst for these stories.

Solidus187-SCMilk2710d ago

but I never had any overheating problems with my PS3. It is from the first batch of slims tho so its not very old.

I enjoyed this game and will probably buy a copy when I find it for cheap. Id like to play it again and especially play all the new DLC cases, but I will wait till I can get them all at once.

jon12342710d ago

buy it on amazon, i got a new copy for 44bucks, it was 40 but shipping was $4

Solidus187-SCMilk2709d ago

that way Im itching to play it again and can play all the new cases at once. It should be cheaper by then too probably.

I love Using amazon as well. I joined amazon student and got free 2-day shipping for free. I ordered a cheapo hockey stick on wednesday a few weeks ago and it was there on friday for free shipping.

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Lucreto2710d ago

I got the update today but I was sure it was 1.02 not 2.00. It also gives trophies for the next 2 dlc.

xPhearR3dx2710d ago

When I posted this story I got the details from here

It says 2.0 but who knows, I haven't actually downloaded it yet. Been playing other games.

Lucreto2710d ago

I just looked up the version and it is definitely 1.02. In the comments though someone said the same thing.

Thecraft19892710d ago

I was playing for hours at a time on 60gb ps3 and had no Overheating problems probably another thing taking out of proportion.