The best female characters in gaming

Goozernation takes a look at some of the top female video game characters in the last 20 years or so. Characters like Samus, Princess Zelda, Jill Valentine as well as a few others made the list. The big question is why did these ladies make the "best of" list, and why?

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pepsilover_20072676d ago

but she did have the greatest impact, i still remember the day everyone was shocked when nintendo included a women as the main character

tunaks12676d ago

"Not anymore, sadly. "

back on the bandwagon!

gumgum992676d ago

Let me guess:Other M changed your mind? Come on, man. You can't let one game suddenly rewrite history to all the other games that showed otherwise to Samus' persona.

I just wish gamers would see game characters and franchises for what they are, not how good or bad the latest game did based on critical and/or gamer impressions.

AEtherbane2676d ago

Master Chief is the better woman!!!

kube002677d ago

I was also thinking about the female characters from Silent Hill

roblef2677d ago

Ummm. Jade! From Beyond Good & Evil.

gumgum992676d ago

I can agree with that one. Man, I need to finish that game! -_-

capitalK2677d ago

Samsus will always be the best

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The story is too old to be commented.