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Square Enix: “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fixes Issues And Complaints from XIII” – We Hold Our Breath

Joel Taveras writes, "When you entered the Square Enix booth at E3, the one title that had what seemed like crowds surrounding it the entire week was Final Fantasy XIII-2. And rightfully so as many had mixed feelings and emotions after playing through (or even some) of it’s predecessor and wanted to see what would be changed for the second go around. With this sequel Squeenix is hoping to address issues and concerns form the first one, the most prominent being the breaking away from a linear path. Have the WRPG’s won? Take a look at the interview below and find out for yourself." (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Square Enix, Xbox 360)

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rabidpancakeburglar  +   1534d ago
Well that's good but unlike the majority I actually like XIII, so this is just a bonus.

Only at certain points but I'm not a rager so I could handle it without complaining to internet people. The story was good so it was easy to stick at it. The only complaint I had about the game was the slow introduction of full combat.
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JoelT  +   1534d ago
Really? The linearity of it all didn't bother you?
Chadness  +   1534d ago
I agree with rabidpancakeburglar, actually. I enjoyed FFXIII for what it was - it carried you along as it told a story. That's how it was designed and people didn't get that. The linearity worked WITH the story. The characters were running for their lives, how often can you take a side path to talk to some dudes or to hit up a town and stay at an inn overnight when you're being chased relentlessly by the enemy?

It wouldn't have worked without the linearity, IMO, and that's what I liked about it.
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iamtehpwn  +   1534d ago
It's easy to enjoy the game as long as you don't expect the gameplay and story to be the extraordinary adventure that I-X were, and simply see it as some other JRPG.
SuperLupe  +   1534d ago
As for me it wasnt that linearity that bothered me. I was planning on elder scrolls kind of game since this is Final Fantasy.

What bothered me was the crappy story. None of that forced drama moved me even a sec.
Eamon  +   1534d ago
The story wasn't that great to be honest.

I played about 28 hours. I had already given up on the gameplay and was hoping that the story would drive me to continue but it didn't.

It started getting interesting with the introduction of the concept about how Fal'Cie consider humans as pets and that there's a bigger conflict going on behind the scenes between the Fal'Cie of Cocoon and Pulse and part of it had to do with meeting The Maker (who I believe was never revealed).

But the whole running away story was really lame.
Keith Olbermann  +   1534d ago
Not true! I still see whining protagonists and females with gut wrenching high anime voices….
JoelT  +   1534d ago
That made me LOL
Deadman_Senji  +   1534d ago
Whining where? What are you talking about?
Keith Olbermann  +   1534d ago

See above picture...thats just a small taste of the miserable pie baby.
bangoskank  +   1534d ago
This is why I still refuse to play it. I'm tired of the overly flamboyant and androgynous characters in these games. Aside from Van, I prefer the character design and voice acting from FFXII. Personally I'd prefer no voice acting at all. Some of the best RPGs used pantomime to express the characters emotions.
PaPa-Slam  +   1534d ago
Developer: We will make next game better than the last one.

Who knew?
Infernostew  +   1534d ago
Famous last words.
ShinnokDrako  +   1534d ago
Well... same bars, same "sentinel - commando - etc", same... everything... no thanks, they're not going to get my 70 euros =P i pass...
femshep  +   1534d ago
i had none but then again im also not a ff7 fangirl i love every ff
VampiricDragon  +   1534d ago
please wrpgs havent won and neither have jrpgs

something can only "win" with opinion points and those dont matter in the real world.

Oh and ff type zero appears incredible
zackacloud  +   1534d ago
action RPG best solution
rataranian  +   1534d ago
Too late for this. Plus why not just chalk it up as a fail and move onto the next game? Why shove more 13 down peoples throats when they obviously didn't like it? I can see this failing the same as the first part.
VampiricDragon  +   1534d ago
the first game didnt fail. A metacritic of 85 and the fastest selling ff ever.

Fail isnt the word.
zackacloud  +   1534d ago
It sold fast because people had waited it for 3 or 4 years and expect a good game.

but just see the huge diffirent between first week to second week to third to the rest.

As FF game FFXIII fail too fast. But comparing to other this gen console RPGs it did good jop.
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maniacmayhem  +   1534d ago
Maybe not failed, but definitely disappointed.
Eamon  +   1534d ago
it sold fastest because it had the biggest marketing campaign. I don't think I've seen Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy XII adverts on buses.

Also, there were high expectations for it due to its long number of years in development.
Deadman_Senji  +   1534d ago
Really? Complaining about Noel looking like a FF character should? If you don't like these "androgynous" characters as you call them, you probably should look towards another genre altogether.
Tigerfist  +   1534d ago
We can't really say that. The character design changes alot in between titles.

Compare FF-X had more masculine characters (excep tidus :p), FF-IX was all about cartoony cutsie stuff. FF-VII seemed very cyberpunk/anime style but most male characters also looked kind of manly. FF VI had this whole tradional steampunk/knight and shizzle aspect.

It just changes alot, and I guess that's part of the experience.
Tigerfist  +   1534d ago
I really hope they stop releasing Final Fantasy sequels from now on. Just get on with it and give us a good FF XV.
WhiteLightning  +   1534d ago
May aswell change FF13 Versus into FF15. Least then the last looking chance of a FF game won't have to be related to this FF13 crystal series crap....the Crystal series plan failed by the way.
Tigerfist  +   1534d ago
I am yet to understand that whole crystal series nonsense. What the hell does FF VS XIII have to do with XIII? They say it's in the same series but they are two diffrent unniverses and all? Oh what the fuck, either I am too dumb or it's just a big pile of non-sense!
Eamon  +   1534d ago
Technically while they are in two different universes, they are related by the same lore and mythology which are the Fal'Cie. There are going to be Fal'Cie in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

It wouldn't make any difference if the name was changed to be honest. Also, each main entry of the final fantasy series has had some version of turn based combat. Versus XIII has action-RPG gameplay like Kingdom Hearts.
WhiteLightning  +   1534d ago
"It wouldn't make any difference if the name was changed to be honest"

See Eamon that's where your wrong because can you imagine how much attention Versus would get if they announce that it's going to be turned into FF15, it would get people interested in it again ready for launch.

Oh and I think any kind of combat would be better then 13's
Godmars290  +   1534d ago
Its that XIII began as a blatantly obvious effort to milk the franchise, and has managed to fail before it was completed.

The original XIII has tainted things, Type 0 took a name change, Versus may as well be dev hell and now there's XIII-2 which is damage control.
Otheros00  +   1534d ago
I rate FFXIII for what it is, a Final Fantasy. It epic fails as a Final Fantasy.
richierich  +   1534d ago
Have they fixed the autobattle problem? That is also a linear feature on the FF13
Eamon  +   1534d ago
My three main issues:

- Gameplay: Autobattle took away the traditional FF strategy of choosing an individual command for each turn and replaced it with autobattle + Libra. The paradigm shift was a system of changing classes during battle which was kind of cheap to be honest. Also, linear corridors for majority of game was big negative.

- Story: It was lame and annoying. Nuff said.

- RPG: No towns to explore and a linear levelling up system. So it hardly felt like an RPG.
DarkBlood  +   1529d ago
while im more of a fan of turn base not just because it was the first kind of rpg gameplay i experince started with legend of dragoon.

while i have no real complaints with this battle system the only thing i wish for it to be improved on is more time because thats probably what i love about turn base time to plan out ish the attacks im going to use instead of being constantly *well not really* thinking too fast to beat the boss or before it trys to hit me.

plus i just like leveling up in general lol

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