GameOn: Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 2011 Hands On Preview

GameOn Writes - "Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set in 2027, around 25 years before the original Deus Ex. There is no requirement to have played the first two games to understand the events of Human Revolution, but no doubt those who have will be rewarded by way of filling in some of the back-story. Human Revolution follows Adam Jensen, a security officer working for a human augmentation company called Sarif Industries. At the beginning of Human Revolution the company is attacked leaving Adam badly injured, who is then himself required to be augmented in order to survive. This is where the player takes over to unravel the plot and thus the classic Deus Ex conspiracy theory begins."

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Keith Olbermann2737d ago

I doubt it will set the gaming world a blaze but it is one I'm looking forward to.

Arnon2737d ago

I had a friend of mine receive a stolen copy in Japan and he played it. Whether it was a final copy or a demo of something, his descriptions of the game were too thorough to be false.

He stated the game was quite linear, and didn't offer much in terms of customization, and actually found Invisible War to be better than this.

Pintheshadows2737d ago

I've heard way different from that. Did your friend only play the tutorial mission? After that it gives you a large hub world to play around in which is far from linear. This is from 3 or 4 people who have played the leaked version and they ALL stated that it was head and shoulders above Invisible War.

suriel2737d ago

Yeah im a little 'iffy' on it to be honest, but reports so far are sounding good from most so I guess Ill just have to see when it gets here.