UK Minister Calls for Review of Video Game Tax Relief

UK Minister of Parliment Jim McGovern has recently asked the Creative Industries Minister Ed Vaizey to review tax relief on video game development as "a matter of priority".

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GregoryAllen2735d ago

I'm an Amurican. I don't think this applies to me. ...crazy brits.

GetoverHere1222735d ago

Crazy Amuricans think everything has to apply to you.

Kakihara2735d ago

This is bullshit!! This particular subset of the economy just increased it's quarterly returns to the national aggregate, at least discounting foreign consulting costs and deductibles. Now they're being coerced into offsetting a quarter of their average income to assuage the governing body imposing those very taxes that culled half of the local workforce in the second quarter of the previous year???

...Actually, I don't know what this article is about. I just wanted to sound smart.