The Casting Call: Uncharted

GameDynamo - "The Uncharted series of games for the PS3 made by developer Naughty Dog has been a big hit over the years. Then, news of a movie hit the airwaves, and recently it was announced that the deal to make the movie fell through. :(

Here at GameDynamo, we felt that this news might be good because we just can’t see Mark Wahlberg (a fine actor, don’t get us wrong!) in the lead role as Nathan Drake. Because our collective egos ride side-saddle, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to recast the movie. The following is our take (and when I say "our" I really mean "mine") on who should star in the PS3's ace in the hole."

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WhiteLightning2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

My picks would include

Nathan Drake = Nolan North
Elena Fisher = Emily Rose
Victor Sullivan = Richard McGonagle

Pretty simple choices I know but I watch the behind the scenes in the games and I think "Theres nothing with this let's just give them the role" however I know Nolan looks too old but I don't care I'd rather have a good film then worry on an actors age...but UH OH theres no star power for Sony to promote the film with let's get big star power for the villains Gabriel Roman , Atoq Navarro and Eddie Raja.

I have no idea who could play those three but I'm sure someone will have some good suggestions.

Goomb2737d ago

Nah, Gerard Butler works. Anyone but Mark Walhberg really. Emily Rose is not a bad idea though!