Xcom E3 Impressions- Its in Alien Invasion

The aliens are coming, check out GamerFitNation's Impressions on the console version of Xcom from 2k Games.

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Has anyone here ever played the PC version?

Tigerfist2737d ago

Yes, quite recently actually. I had never eard about X-Com before.

I suspect they are giving this the Fallout like treatment, probably keeping the strategy elements but making it a FPS when it comes to combat.


I never played a PC game myself. When I saw this game I really wanted to play it, but at the time it was PC only.

ExPresident2737d ago

Hardly, this new 'Xcom' only lets you take 2 people on missions. Nothing close to the originals.

jaredhart2737d ago

Damn Aliens, not again.

Eclipticus2737d ago

The original PC games were great. I use to play them all the time. A mix between 3/4 view turn based rpg tactical shooter, with a Sim thrown in. You built a base, enhanced it, hired soldiers to fight the aliens, scientists to study the aliens and tech, engineers to build weapons, bought and developed different types of crafts, including armaments and fuel, and weapons. Radars and jets. And when you were successful, or too successful the Aliens would attack your bases. All while sticking to a budget. Fighting was pretty cool. Turn based, depending on the experience, or weight of equipment of each soldier, they would have more energy to move around. a realistic fog of war and line of sight. The sound was pretty basic, but the one or two notes, would def. get the intensity level up. The aliens ranged from basic to imaginative...

The new one is in name only, FPS, I think they did away with the management, which would suck, you really watched out for the soldiers, it cost money to replace them.


That's the think I'm more of a Third person shooter Gamer. I feel that almost ever action game is coming out in 1st person, and that just annoying to me. Though there are some First person shooters I like. Still to be they are too few.

ExPresident2737d ago

Bubs, because yes, this is going to be nothing like what made X-Com great.