RAGE Hands-On Preview -

Dealspwn writes: "Authority troopers are much tougher than any of the clans that cling to life in the blighted ruins of society. They pack tough body armour and vicious scoped machine guns that can cut through players’ health in seconds, not to mention occasionally rocking a stylish energy riot shield that renders them almost entirely immune to damage. What’s more, their AI is extremely impressive as they’ll intelligently flank, advance when you’re injured or even take advantage of your reloading time to relocate. Watching three distant foes leap behind my cover from an overlooking balcony while I was reloading my shotgun gave me a bit of a fright, let me tell you. Fighting these goons will require expert use of cover, use of powerful ammo types and the liberal deployment of Spider Drones or Sentry Guns."

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