Gearbox Shows Appreciation to the Man who Pre-Ordered Duke Nukem Forever 10 Years Ago

A user by the name of slash000 is a very patient man. Gearbox shows their appreciation to the fan with a ton of goodies.

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xPhearR3dx2737d ago

You bet your ass I'll be pre-ordered the next Duke Nukem game day 1 and hold on to that receipt for the next 10 years lol

That's a nice set of cool stuff. I'm jealous.

BeOneWithTheGun2737d ago

Hell yes. Now that is sum swag!

Jezuz2737d ago

Because of the LCD screen on the keyboard I am jealous.

Sarcasm2737d ago

And now the poor sap has to suffer playing the actual game.

Ravens202736d ago

Well that was cool of them, I'm sure the guy must've been a huge Duke Nukem fan.

I don't think he cares how crappy the game is lol.

Hopefully the next Duke turns out better.

jke822737d ago

DAMN i preordered it years ago too..lost the reciept years ago though after i thought it wasnt happening, friend of mine who worked at gamestop or whatever it was back then (babbages ebgames whatever) creditied towards another game..damn wish i would kept that bitch now

SilentNegotiator2737d ago

I'd be embarrassed to wear any of that. It would be like wearing a Haze or Superman 64 shirt.


The thing is unlike Haze or Superman 64, Duke Nukem Forever is actually a really fun game once you get past the graphics and style of it. I'm enjoying it immensely.

ChrisW2737d ago

Would you wear a Bruce Campbell shirt? What? Bruce, who??? Ah... that's why you wouldn't wear a 'Hail to the King, Baby!' shirt.

TheEatingChampagne2737d ago

You should try playing the game first you uneducated kid that listens to reviews all the time

SilentNegotiator2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

"You should try playing the game first you uneducated kid that listens to reviews all the time"

I don't have to listen to reviews to see that Duke Nukem isn't funny, the gameplay is nothing special and the level design is awful, and the game isn't all that polished. Even Matt Hazard did better than Duke Nukem at being funny and succeeding at being a parody, something that's supposed to be the very core of Duke Nukem's games.

Maybe it makes you feel better about your game scoring almost unanimously 5/10 and lower, but there is no reason to insult me. If you like a game that is universally regarded as awful, that's fine, but don't go forcing it onto other people.

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nopunctuation2737d ago

Too bad this guy waited 10 years for a game that completely bomed because of bad devopment. Gearbox should be giving away these goodies to everyone who wasted time on this game.

Pl4sm42737d ago

WAIT .......... u can preorder games 10 years before its release ? HOW ? .... i thought that u can only preorder the game once the games website says u can .... hmmm .... my brain hurts

Soldierone2737d ago

Pre orders generally go up after a developer announces a game, which 3D did do and people started taking pre orders.

Why these pre orders didn't get cancelled or changed for 10 years? well thats another mystery.

jerethdagryphon2736d ago

until a game is officially cnaceled a preorder is valid, if the retialer exists and is willing to accept such an old preorder is different
its a nice gesture and good pr

ATiElite2736d ago


they should of just given him a brand new PC with a custom Duke Nukem paint job. but I guess this is cool.

suck it down pig

subtenko2736d ago

your tellin me one man preordered this game? LOL! xD

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SKUD2737d ago

They did the right thing. Nice KB.

newn4gguy2737d ago

I know guys who pre-ordered it before this guy that picked it up this week. They didn't beg for attention though. :)

xPhearR3dx2737d ago

Sometimes bringing attention to yourself pays off. In this case, it paid off pretty damn well lol

newn4gguy2737d ago

That doesn't make him a respectable human being.

xPhearR3dx2737d ago

I never said it did, but you coming off as a complete ass doesn't make you one either.

Coffin872737d ago

lol, gotta agree to both 3.1.1 and 3.1.2

newn4gguy2737d ago

I'm not coming off that way...

At all.

I was just stating that this guy begged for attention and unjustifiably got it because he's not the only one.

Rosa Parks didn't want to be the ONLY black person to get freedom.

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BeOneWithTheGun2737d ago

Squeaky wheel gets the greasin.

Solid_Snake-2737d ago

the difference between this guys pre-order and your friends it that his is real and your friends aint.

nice bed time story bro.

pepsilover_20072737d ago

Geez, they are being extremly kind to their fans, wish I could see more of this

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