OXM UK: Why Call of Duty hate has gone too far

OXM's Edwin speaks out against unjustly negative reaction to Modern Warfare 3.

"The truth is, in our desire to reduce the number one first-person shooter to smoking ruins we've forgotten that Call of Duty's failings are still vastly outnumbered by its successes."

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NYC_Gamer2735d ago

people are allowed to have opinions but at end of day buy what you want

seinfan2735d ago

I have a feeling a lot of the CoD fans consider those that simply don't like and don't buy the games are haters.

Neckbear2735d ago

Anyone with a distinctive, differing, and usually negative (or simply honest) opinion is a "hater". Mindset applies to about every buncha fanatics everywhere, not only kids creaming their pants over the newest Call of Duty.

Baka-akaB2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Well yeah ..

if that "haters buy it anyway " mantra had even 1% of truth behind it , COD wouldnt be "just selling" 14-20 millions .

Granted it's a hit , the major hit even , but given the vastly more outnumbering of gamers out there . it's obvious the rest play something else .... however dilluted the sales may be , with an ocean of games to choose from .

dillydadally2735d ago

In the very same breath you could say anyone who actually looks at the positives of a game that is actually very well made and thinks about buying it despite it being popular to bash due to letting down people's high expectations is a "fanboy".

In all reality, CoD games are very good games and even though they do have their flaws and they are exploited yearly by Activision, there still isn't any game out there that does non-vehicle modern military gameplay as smooth. I'd love for something else to come out that beats it, but if you're into small infantry combat, there isn't anyone doing it as well as CoD.

BabyTownFrolics2735d ago

I dont like the hypocrisy, all this yelling and then the same folks quietly buy the game anyway. I dont care if you like cod or hate it, but if your gonna hate dont go buy the thing.

case in point:


iamnsuperman2735d ago

The sad thing is it is cool to hate on COD like it was call to love MW1. I personally do not get the hate. If it isn't the game for you do not buy. For a large majority it is and are willing to buy the map packs and that is why it is so popular. It is not like they are taking our money because you know what you buy with COD and they do not hide anything. There are a lot of modern shooters out there. Its not like COD is the only one

ainsz2735d ago

I think a lot of the hate started when the media just wouldn't get off Activision's, or more so Kotick's back. Every little thing that got out would be spiralled into something sinister and massive. I'm not defending Activision and I still don't like Call Of Duty, but that's because of its cheap gameplay, £45 price tags and rip-off DLC's. But that's my take on the subject.

Boon Tarkas2735d ago

I think the vast majority of the hate for COD, on this site especially, began with Black Ops and the broken multi-player on the PS3.

That seemed to instigate the rabid frothing that COD sometimes incites.

I don't get the hate. The whole freakin series has given me so much enjoyment in the past that I just can't stoop to throw muck at it.

Baka-akaB2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

seriously ? you're going to try and turn it into a ps3 thing ? Complains appeared with WaW already and got reinforced once mw shown itself to be a mess on all platforms

Stewie2k82735d ago

All my friends think im not cool because i dont like COD, i still play it though just for them, even if the game has a lot of broken and dumb things in it.

theonlylolking2735d ago

It is just BF fanboys going crazy on the COD hate.

soundslike2735d ago

I don't know any gamers that didn't enjoy MW1

I don't know why the hardcore fans seem to think that people "hate" the game. Most of what people don't like isn't the game itself, its the mentality of Activision, the community, and over-saturation.

Too much of a good thing....

but the worst part is, there isn't even much consistency of quality before iterations. EG. Why does BLOPS copy and paste so many sounds and visuals while having so many other more innovative features?
Shouldn't they nail the things they've already mastered? But no, they don't. They drop the ball in random places where you'd think they'd know better by now.
MW3 has no excuse not to be the perfect MW game. They've had so many more chances to improve, or rather just polish and perfect, than the average franchise.

Ve_Chuy2735d ago

Cause is a crap game that successful cause advertising not for being a good game.

zeeshan8102735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

its* not is.

ON Topic: its up to you if you want to buy the game.

retrofly2735d ago

Can you explain where there a constantly 4 COD games in the top 20 Xbox live activity charts, even years after release?

I can, becuase people have fun playing the games.

Thats right people play games ot have fun, crazy I know! :)

radphil2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Smoking is one of the top ways people gets rid of stress, but we know that's not healthy...

Popularity and quality don't go hand-in-hand.

Example: Rebecca Black (yes I went there)

Boon Tarkas2735d ago


Looks like me and you are going to get left out of the Connoisseurs of Gaming Club though.

COD hate is hoity-toity.

retrofly2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

@radphil that anolgy doesn't work.

COD is a game, we are all gamers. So the correct anolgy would be what is the favirote cigarrete brand amongst smokers.

Ciggarette Brand = COD
Smokers = Gamers
None smokers = None gamers

please come up with a correct anology to prove your point instead of talking s**t

Quartx2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

actually retro, his analogy works.

He said popularity and quality aren't the same, which is true, not specifics of that.

JeffGUNZ2729d ago

No, his anology doesn't work. You first off can't compare something like smoking to call of duty. Smoking to reduce stress can lead to lung cancer. Playing COD does not lead to lung cancer or any other life threatening diseases.

A correct anology would be comparing COD to a famous pop star. Just because it is popular and well known (pop star and COD), doesn't mean it's necissarily the best option.

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Alos882735d ago

Every year the COD franchise sucks countless amounts of money out of the industry. Thanks to games like COD, most publishers pump out more of the same, and are increasingly risk aversive.
So yeah, I'd say that's worthy of my hate.

hennessey862735d ago

publishers pump more of the same is because fps sell and its cod that sells the most so of course there will be alot of fps untill someone makes a different type of game everyone loves. but there will always be moaners there everywhere

Agent_S2735d ago

This is a great point Alos88 and a nice perspective in which to view this issue. If gamers would put thier money into unique games, and let talented devs flourish. Quality games with diverse gameplay would occur more often. CoD deserves the hate, I don't see why people don't get that or defend it with "you don't have to buy it"... No sh!t but the millions of sheep who do are bad for the industry.

Boon Tarkas2735d ago

Ya, because the lack of gaming selection has left you crippled. If what you say is actually sincere then you might want to trade in the Dreamcast.

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