New Spiderman Edge of Time Screens Swing In

Fresh from this year's E3 event, some brand new screens of Peter Parker's latest adventure, Spiderman Edge Of Time, have just been released by the good people over at Activision.

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Cwalk8162741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

You know what? Ever since the original playstation, spider-man games have seriously been the best super hero games if you ask me.

Kon2741d ago

The only good spiderman game in the last gens was SM2.

Anderson82741d ago

sm2 is still my fav superhero game to date.. arkham city may change that though

rmoar2741d ago

Arkham Asylum took superhero games to a new level that Spiderman hasn't hit.

Cwalk8162741d ago

I agree, but I believe Spider-man has the quantity of fair super hero games.

blackhrt862741d ago

Yeah as much of a spidey fan as I am, Batman AA is the top tier of super hero games.

RavageX2741d ago

Going to disagree with you, but not seriously(meaning no need to give you an actual disagree)

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is/was one of the BEST superhero games I've played.

They really, really captured what I would imagine it'd be like playing as the hulk. Tearing WHATEVER you want apart. SMASHING....awww it was such a good game.

I'd LOVE to see a next gen version of it.

Spidey 2 was good, mostly cause of the never-ending random missions and such.

I liked Web of Shadows unlike most people, it was somewhat open world but at the same wasn't.

Haven't played the newest one, and probably won't play this one. $60 is just too much for a game with little replay value.

I HATE to say that but it's true in my case. Will have to wait till it drops down to $30 or $20 even.

Cwalk8162741d ago

Your bring up a very valid point there, I just never really considering HULK games as super hero games, because usually you're considered the bad guy.

pungello882741d ago

I love the Spiderman games, I can't wait

GetoverHere1222741d ago

It's because Spiderman is the best super hero ever.

blackhrt862741d ago

I hope Deadpool's in this one again.

barb_wire2741d ago

I haven't played a 'Spider-Man' game since 'Ultimate Spider-Man' came out in 2005.

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