HD Collections, Whom does thy serve?

TGH Writes: "HD Remakes, HD collections, HD based re-releases.
Are they good for you?
Hell, are they good for me?
Do they mean us or our wallet harm?
Or are they only good for Game Publishers who want to make some extra change from people with happy thumbs and fingers.
Well first of all, check out the below list of HD remakes and collections that I’m sure we are all aware of. If I missed a couple, then please point it out in the comments."

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ShadyDevil2739d ago

I guess in retrospect they serve the companies first and the fans second. I mean its an easy cash in for companies just to HD their titles. Plus gamers will love it with trophies/achievments put in. I know i will.

fei-hung2739d ago

I myself cant wait to get hold of the DMC HD collection. I am sure many will feel the same about Halo HD collection and Otogi and Onimusha.

darthv722739d ago

Meaning that a compilation of games for a single price that has been remastered is certainly the better deal than paying for each game individually.

Yet there is something to be said about having to have the originals from way back. If you are a collector there is 'perceived' value in having the originals. Remakes and such could tend to devalue the original depending on how much is changed.

It works the same for movies too. Star wars the dvd is the better 'visual/audible' version but so many changes to the original content makes it not as much of a treasure.

Records, tapes, comic books, etc. Practically anything can be remade to make a profit these days. People are wanting more than just a standard reproduction. That is why a compilation looks like a better deal.

ainsz2739d ago

Nice read. I hope these HD remakes really take off, there/their? (I've confused myself lol) is so many HD remakes I'd love to see.

Darkfiber2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

They are for saps, mostly...making you pay for a game you've already purchased before. Nintendo is great at preying on suckers and Sony and Microsoft appear to be following suit. I guess slightly shinier graphics and trophies are enough for some people.

KentBlake2739d ago you really think EVERYONE has already played the games? I, for one, never had a PS2, and I think these HD collections are wonderful ways of discovering the classics. And, last time I checked, the purchase was not mandatory.

Darkfiber2739d ago

Hence why I said MOSTLY.

ainsz2739d ago

Tbh, although I'll admit, I'd pay to play the original GTA trilogy all over again in HD and with trophies (which makes me sap...) I also use these as a way to play games I was never able to last generation such as God Of War, and also the MGS collection when it releases. I see it as a win-win for me and the developers.

Dac2u2739d ago

I didn't have a PS2 last gen, so I missed out on a lot of great games. This lets me play the better games I missed, but with better graphics and trophy support.

cervantes992739d ago

For those who value quality - these are a great idea.

PS2 games look like ass on a large screen TV. I also don't go into a tizzy if I have to pay $39.99 USD for a remake.

I guess remakes are not for cheap a**holes!

TheDareDevil2739d ago

'Sony and Microsoft appear to be following suit.'
MS is just doing one game and it's much more than an HD version of Halo: CE.
There's multiplayer, 2 graphics engines, and the 10th anniversary of Halo.
$ony and Nintendo are the culprits here

PlayStation X2739d ago

I'm sure microsoft would do it as well if they had any decent franchises from last gen...

Jack-Dangerously2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Man you are annoying.

Yeah. It IS enough for someone who has played them. People who HAVEN'T played it has a new opportunity.


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DevilishSix2739d ago

most of all. We who would like to see some of our favorites with graphics that don't make our eyes bleed. Also, those new to the series, having multiple titles and it being a discounted price offers alot of value.

ryan_s2739d ago

well there some ups and downs the hd remakes are good but does that mean the ps2 support for ps3 slim is not coming

The_Devil_Hunter2739d ago

Why would you need Backward Compatibility when you have the HD collections. YEah i know that most games wont get that treatment but hey you can always play them on the PS2.

ryan_s2739d ago

the problem is my ps2 broke and i dont want to buy a modded one which is all they have here

The_Devil_Hunter2739d ago

Ah I see, well Xant you but a little ps2 they are only $99 here on the states

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