Microsoft Vita? It could happen

Portable gaming's back on track and Microsoft will want a slice, says Tom Pakinkis

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VampiricDragon2738d ago

Theres not 1 percent chance it will happen. Microsoft themselves have said so, the markets are overcrowded as it is.

But then this is only an opinion piece with no facts.

Pixel_Enemy2738d ago

To be honest, I wouldn't buy it if they did. I don't know a single person who owns a windows phone.

Phantasm2738d ago

Your right, not going to happen:

Microsoft would rather focus on their next gen Xbox, and keep the 360/Kinect package going. I really think they are more interested in becoming a 2 console supporting company, that appeals to 2 demographics.

Mystogan2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Thanks but no thanks,Im a big fan of MS and their products but i don't think they should enter that market.

besides they already got Windows Phone Which is a great phone and the IDC believes it will take over the iphone within the next 4 years

XabiDaChosenOne2738d ago

@Mystogan Yea, right after Android puts them to bed. :-)

KingDustero2738d ago

M$ can't even make a home console work without tons of issues that cause failures. Does anyone really think they could make a handheld last for even a week?

vishant1012738d ago

yes they can it was called the xbox

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AngelicIceDiamond2738d ago

Don't feel like reading all that but it won't happen give it up.


first of all, its NOT happening because MS said they wanted no part of the handheld market anytime soon. plus, its a fucking terrible idea. the reason why the psp gets smashed by the ds is because nintendos name has that ring to it that casuals just go CRAZY for. the psp was a monster of a machine..but casuals werent attracted. psp is more geared towards "hardcore gamers" which only make up a small part of the amount of people buying video games.

if MS invented a handheld, it would be just as much of a hardcore graphical monster as anything sony puts out- not very appealing to the BILLIONS of casuals who all bought ds lites. so in that case the only people really in the market for an xbox handheld are the same people who are in the market for a ps vita. psp sold around 70 mil in its lifetime and counting. does anyone really think MS wants to put a handheld up against sony so the two can fight to split that already too-small sales number?

shadow27972738d ago

Billions? And 70 million is too small? I guess Nintendo must have been really disappointed with the 80 million that the gameboy advanced sold with 0 competition.


yes actually...

considering the fact that the psp is a much more expensive piece of hardware to build than the DS or the gameboy advanced at that time, 70 mill is a bit shy of the mark. dude i dont have to sit here and argue numbers with you.. its pretty common knowledge that the psp didnt perform as well as sony wanted in terms of sales. it wasnt a complete fail by ANY just should have sold a little more than it did..especially considering the ds line has more than doubled its sales. that doesnt mean the psp didnt sell WELL.

and also, your missing the point here. xbox handheld and vita would be fighting for the same audience. no one in their right mind would bother to buy say they have similar lifetime sales to the psp: 35 million for such expensive-to-manufacture handhelds is kind of a small number..

billions was obviously an exaggeration...stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.