The Sixth Axis Review: Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

An experience unmatched across the genre despite its age and one that’s surely the 3DS’ first must-have title. It’s superbly handled, and for someone that plays through the game once a year anyway the option to take it on the road instead of hogging the television is hugely welcome. This is unmissable entertainment, a truly brilliant, shining example of what the industry can do.

Whether you’ve played Ocarina dozens of times, or have the enviable opportunity to experience it for the first time now, this is the best version of a game that’s defined action RPGs for well over a decade. Amongst all the me-too shooters and dull, lifeless racers that fill videogame shelves these days, Link’s defining adventure stands tall. A remarkable game, and one that should be experienced by all. Go buy a 3DS. Now!

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