Tech-Gaming: PlayStation VITA hands-on

Between the pristine screen, the comfortable controls and what is shaping out to be a strong launch lineup, the Vita might be the first real handheld contender to give Nintendo a run for their money.

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MasterCornholio2714d ago

Yep looks like Nintendo will have serious competition this time around. And you know what that means? Better games for everybody.

deserteaglexix2714d ago

It's like the DS vs. PSP battle all over again.

MasterCornholio2714d ago

Its a little bit different due to the Vita having better tech and priced the same as the 3DS. Plus the Vita seems to have a better line up of games than the PSP at launch. So while its similar to DS VS PSP some things have changed that will make the battle fiercer than the last time around.

But as a gamer what i am most concerned for are the games. And to me Sonys handheld provides me with all the games that i want to play. There are some games on the 3DS that i like but not enough to justify my purchase of the handheld. All though in the future when the 3DS sells at a low price of 150 euros i will probably pick it up.