Saints Row: The Third Preview [Game Revolution]

"Pop Quiz: What game takes a stick and shoves it up Grand Theft Auto's ass until they like it?"

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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dbjj120882710d ago

HAHA best preview for this game so far!

nopunctuation2710d ago

Pop Quiz: What game takes a stick and shoves it up Grand Theft Auto's ass until they like it?

Not this sad excuse of a GTA clone. Maybe if they werent always mimicking the last thing GTA was doing then they might be considered a decent competitor but I mean come on, GTA IV came out 3 years ago and rockstar is surely plannig to make something that will make it look outdated. Saints Row either needs to introduce some new ideas to the industry or stop ripping off ideas from people who work hard and making millions from it.

BigWoopMagazine2710d ago

I'd actually rather have this game than GTA. I mean, a huge part of the fun in GTA IV is just screwing around in the open world, but where's the sense of humor? It takes itself so seriously for the most part, and really didn't even do that much new stuff to improve upon San Andreas, other than the graphical improvements. The only new thing it had going for it was the story line, which even that I found to be lackluster. SR3 on the other hand is over the top and obnoxious, with the very obvious goal of being hilarious.

So many games these days are super serious with these ultra realistic intentions, to the point where irreverent over the top humor is a total breath of fresh air. The gameplay mechanics may not be anything new (see: 90% of the industry), but the attitude and completely unrealistic scenarios are welcome in my book.

RavageX2710d ago

You sound like someone who hasn't even played the games. Looks aren't what made the game fun. As a matter of FACT, Rockstar could learn how to make the next GTA FUN by learning a thing or two from Volition.

nopunctuation2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I played Saints Row 2. It was buggy, the writing was terrible, the graphics were low quality, it had no trophies, and the "humor" was juvenile and unoriginal. What does Rockstar have to learn from saints row? Sains Row hasnt done a damn thing that Rockstar hasnt done already and better. You can complain about how GTA IV wanst like San Andreas all you want but that was a brave move for them considering GTA games before it had little technical prowess compared to GTA IV. Now that GTA IV has set the standard for free roam games again and Volition is copying the style of that game even more. Take a look at the pictuure above and you could easily mistake it for a GTA IV screenshot. Dont get me wrong, im all for taking inspiration off of good games but there is a fine line between inspiration and flat out stealing other peoples ideas. There is no itegrity in it whatsoever and the fact that is games makes millions (seriously MILLIONS) off of blatently ripping off another game is wrong and it is wrong to praise or support a game for doing it.

KozmoOchez2710d ago

You clearly, didnt play more than 5 minutes of Saints Row 2 if you think GTA has done all that was in that game.

All the side missions that added on to that game.
Drop-in/out Co op throughout the FULL sp
Super deep character customization
Super deep car customization
Completely open map from the beginning
Over-the-top crazy missions

Also, by the way you speak, you think any sandbox game is a GTA ripoff...just another rocsktar fanboy

stormeagle62710d ago

This preview definitely sums up the game, and then some. Awesome!

Koolaye2710d ago

The most entertaining preview I have ever read. lol