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John Carmack talks about Quake 5

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meetajhu2739d ago

Quake 1 was the game that made me fall in love with gaming and fps! John Carmack FTW!

THWIP712739d ago just felt like DOOM 3. I want to play a remake of the first 2 games, with the RAGE engine behind it. Those were some great games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2739d ago

Quake 4 has a great long sp campaign, but mp was broken. I like Quake 4, I still love to smoke a blunt and kill the hell out of some Strogg.

maniacmayhem2739d ago

They should have an Unreal vs. Quake just like capcom vs series.

All the Quake weapons and Unreal weapons in huge arenas!

BlitzAK2739d ago

That would actually be good, however the only issue is the weapons, they are both really similar, only UT having a few combinations of Quake weapons into a single weapon. i.e. Plasma + LG into link gun.