FIFA 12: To retail at £54.99 in UK, Ultimate Edition detailed

Press releases from UK retailers GAME and Gamestation have revealed that FIFA 12 will come with a recommended retail price of £54.99 in the UK.

The announcement came with the news that GAME Group has scooped the exclusive rights to the Ultimate Edition of this year’s game, which it’s now offering for £44.99 if you pre-order.

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oddman762441d ago

I agree its still not bad price I will quite happily pay that as games here in Finland still retail for 60 pounds and over.

FlashXIII2441d ago

Ffs what is it with EA and their love for game and gamestation? Go partner with someone decent like shopto!

Disccordia2441d ago

Game group have by a very long way the biggest market share so it makes perfect business sense

FlashXIII2441d ago

If they pay EA enough for the rights.. perfect business sense would be to let people choose where to buy the ultimate edition. Also aren't EA one of the main people to actually be pro active against second hand sales? Seeing as the game group play such a huge part in second hand selling, you'd have thought EA would try and discourage gamers from going in game or gamestation.

tigertron2441d ago

I wish they'd partner with Amazon, because I've had to pre-order the Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3 special editions from GAME. Amazon>GAME.

gdogg9792441d ago

Whatever of all the supermarkets won't be selling the 25-30 Mark anyway .

bumnut2441d ago

No thanks, Ill just buy Fifa 11 for £2.99 after 12 releases.

Irnbruguy2441d ago

As if we'll sell it for that price..

39.99 Normal & 42.99 for Ultimate.
I'm calling it

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