OXM UK: How Max Payne 3 revolutionises Bullet Time

OXM UK: "The first two Max Payne titles are remembered for a lot of things. Darkness. Bourbon. Rain on brickwork. Hallucinatory trips over immense black, bleeding chasms towards the wailing of Max's inner child. Those gorgeous air-brushed graphic novel storyboards.

But perhaps above all else, they're remembered for Bullet Time, easily the slickest and most successful videogame interpretation of Neo's favourite party trick. Battling gangsters on the streets of New York, you'd use the move to swim through hails of fire and line up perfect nickel-plated ripostes - but more than that, you'd use it because it looked so trouser-tentingly cool."

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ATiElite2737d ago

Ummm was max Payne 3 even at E3?

seriously i totally forgot about this game. Actually was Rockstar even at E3?