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Submitted by r21 1697d ago | news

Wii U Controller Limitations to Save on Costs, Says Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed that its decision to support only Wii U controller per console is motivated by cost. Not just cost to Nintendo though, cost to Nintendo's customers as well. The Wii U can support up to five inputs in total, but the other four are limited to Wii remotes.......... (Nintendo, Tech, Wii U)

scotchmouth  +   1697d ago
Seems like the lamest place to save on money. Now everyone can fight over one controller!!!
fr0sty  +   1697d ago
And with that statement they officially crippled their console. Think of when parents buy this thing for their kids (the very casual market that supported Wii). Think of the fights that will break out over who gets to hold the "real" controller, and who gets stuck with the wiimote.
Blaine  +   1697d ago
It's a little something called "alternating". It's tricky, but me and my brother managed it, even as kids.
Mystogan  +   1697d ago
I knew there has got to be some weakness to this console now they are all starting to show up.
J_Cob  +   1696d ago
I think they'd make up for the loss by being able to sell extra Wii U controllers. Think in the long run.
gamingdroid  +   1697d ago
I think it is a sensible approach. I can only imagine how much that controller would cost and how often it actually would be useful in such a setting.

As it is, you can still share the experience by playing with the Wii Motes, up to 4-players.
NYC_Gamer  +   1697d ago
how can people using wiimotes share the same experience as one playing with the new controller?
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gamingdroid  +   1697d ago
You can share the experience of playing together, not the experience of using that particular controller obviously.
Ness-Psi  +   1696d ago
Thats a really wierd stance for ninty to take also one that will probably hurt along the lines.
NYC_Gamer  +   1697d ago
why would anyone wanna be stuck with wiimotes
erasure242  +   1697d ago
I laugh at people who bash the Wiimote... These are the same people that praise the Playstation Move and Kinect...

The old argument was "The PS 3 Move is Wii in HD"... well now people will be able to use the WiiMote and play games in HD... and these people now say "Ah the WiiMote still sucks"...

Nintendo was smart to have WiiMote support. Saves people on money.
scotchmouth  +   1696d ago
I think most people wouldn't agree with you. The coolest part about new technology is using it. If I have friends over I would want them to experience the new controller without foregoing the experience myself.

Adding support for more controllers doesn't mean anyone is forced to have more then one. Adding the support for more gives people the option of having more then one.

If you want to be a frugal gamer and have only one that would be great. If i invested in the system I would probably have more then one right off the bat. Having that option is a no-brainer. Removing that choice from the consumer is something that is receiving backlash from consumers.
Wizziokid  +   1697d ago
save money? your nintendo.
matey  +   1697d ago
Nintendo not every1 is poor u should make sure in fifa 2013 that u can use 2 controllrs because that would be amazing as it stands all games have to have a major robust online to justify MP because local MP is doomed if ur alienating people because u think there expensive id pay £69.99 4 1
matey  +   1697d ago
Just so u guys know Crytek is making a WiiU game a shooter that supports 2 controllers on cry engine 3
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fr0sty  +   1697d ago
Did you not read the article? 5 inputs, 4 have to be wiimotes.
jacksonmichael  +   1697d ago
No, yeah, no. I think he's right. I don't think that they confirmed a game in development, but the engine is running on the console. Multiple controllers are possible (did you not read the article?), Nintendo just doesn't want us spending much on controllers - third parties wouldn't care one way or the other.
evercast  +   1697d ago
This Wii U controller could solve the problem with screen lookers in split screen games hahaha.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1697d ago
I seriously hope this thing flops. I just see no point i can see if it was just a portable but idk.
PS360WII  +   1697d ago
At the very least give us 2...
CBaoth  +   1697d ago
Honestly, and this is purely conjecture, I think Nintendo will acquiesce to 2 tablets
for core gaming purposes. I can't imagine for example, having to switch controllers between offense & defense in Madden. As long as it's an additional option for core gamers and not required, I find it highly unlikely Nintendo would want to limit themselves of extra revenue; unless perhaps they're planning to sell the tablet peripheral at a loss. Mr. Iwata stated that "while WiiU could technically support multiple [tablet] controllers, it would raise costs quite considerably" doesn't seem like a definitive NO. I think we're going to have to take a wait-and-see approach on this one.

As for the whole 1 tablet/4 wiimote complaint, people can use both classic & the pro controller too. Am I the only one here on N4G who thinks the pro may be Nintendo's best traditional controller yet? They haven't even announced accessories so we could even see a wireless pro version which I might add would easily compete w/ a DS3 and 360 pad.
zeal0us  +   1697d ago
It seem like they would make more if they increase the limitation
4wiiu tablet say for $50(just an estimate) 200 no including
Why are they even worry about money and cost seeing as much the wii sold
They should glad to give up a little lol
batguyz  +   1697d ago
wtf? if this is the case why make the bloody thing a standard controller? it could as well be add on because whats the point of having a game console that can only accept one controller? from family friendly company like nintendo who like to make games for everyone thats fucked up. second from a game play perspective,one person is going to be having more fun. i hope it flops so they can learn a thing or two.
Xander-RKoS  +   1697d ago
Just because one person is having a different experience, doesn't mean that one person will be having more fun. Also, so far, multiplayer games were shown to use the wii u controller and the wii remotes, for a max of 5 players.

Also the point of having a new console is to up the graphics (because people want that), better online (because people want that), and totally new types of game design (because people want that too).
scotchmouth  +   1696d ago
If that one person isn't having more fun then the controller serves no purpose.

In reality though this controller has a lot of potential to be a good interactive gaming experience. The limits are the developers imaginations.

Why limit this to one person per console? No one at Nintendo had the foresight to see this being an issue? I doubt that. Chances are a room full of Yes Men agreed that it would be too costly and decided to forego this.

What happens when you don't listen to fans? I'm sure Square Enix could answer that one.
mshope10  +   1697d ago
nintendo already said it can support more than one tablet controller. they are going to focus on making games that only support one tablet controller so there customers don't have to spend alot of money to play games.

but they are looking into making games that has a friend come over with there tablet to play.and it seem 3rd partys can make games like that so its them that needs you to spend the money for a second tablet controller.

so don't get your pantys in a bunch and think with logic having two tablets would open up more gameplay options so i'm willing to bet there will be games that have that option.

so lets just play the great games we got now instead of attacking a console without knowing all that facts.and it so far from coming out so theres no need to worry yet!
pcz  +   1697d ago
makes perfect sense
the controller is obviously way more expensive than your average controller.

the controllers dont work by magic, it takes processing power to stream games to the controller. you will need a beast of a console to send multiple signals out.

look, people acting like this is the end of the world- stop being prats! TAKE IN TURNS. is family life so ruined now that people can't share??

i have a wii, when people come around and want to play multiplayer, we don't all use wii motes. i have a wave bird, a classic controller, and another classic controller with prongs. So each player will get a different controller, not all controllers are 'equal,' so one person will end up with the better controller.

so this 'problem' of not everyone getting the best controller already exists.

besides, it was only the hardcore crowd who criticised the wii saying it was for family, 'soccer' moms and grannies. The hardcore crowd play alone! when they play with another it is over the internet! So why would a so-called hardcore gamer want several wiiu controllers if he/she only ever plays alone? I thought you wanted a hardcore nintendo console?? If you want to play group games with your kids, play Twister or Scrabble. Or buy a god damn wii. If you want to play hardcore games, play wiiu.

oh, but now its hardcore you are moaning because your kids can't all play on it together too?? so nintendo can't win can they! make it family orientated and nintendo are excluding the hardcore who play alone in darkened rooms. But make it hardcore and its not good enough because it excludes your family... You people make me laugh.

only fanboys and twats will use this as a propaganda tool against wiiu.
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ThreeSpeed  +   1697d ago
The problem is that Nintendo is pushing the controller as the main emphasis of the console itself. If the experience is the same using a traditional controller than what's the point?

Also, is it a hardcore console or another Wii? It's hard to be both. Nintendo looks like their trying to be both and may end up handicapping both at the same time.

Finally, sharing is all well and good, but if one person has a definite advantage with one controller over the other, you will eventually stop playing local multiplayer.
Spenok  +   1697d ago
WOW! If this is the truth, i think Nintendo just shot themselves in the foot and stuck their finger in it. Ouch. This is very disapointing.

I understand the whole technical/expense side to it all. And from those perspectives it makes complete sense. But it doesnt change the fact that either only 1 person will get the "Full" experience, or we will be forced to rotate the controller around. Which in itself isnt all that bad for people willing to share... but how many people can you say would be willing to do that?
Darrius Cole  +   1697d ago
This position is not sustainable. What about games like Resident Evil 5 and Modern Warfare that require a split-screen for the multi-player. Are we supposed to play that with a Wii-mote?

This decision is not going to hold out until the console release. This like the time before the PS3 released when, Sony said that some PS3's would not have standard hard drives and some of them would not play HDCP protected discs.

I say again, this position is not sustainable if Nintendo wants to compete in the hardcore market this time. Either 1)there will be a new "ordinary controller" to go along with the "big-screen controller," or 2)they will allow the use of two "big-screen controllers"; or 3) they will once again not be taken seriously by the hardcore market.
GamersRulz  +   1697d ago
Nintendo never makes a perfect console, they always do something wrong with their consoles then wait for MS or Sony to perfect this flaw.

Nintendo is lucky to have Mario, he is the ONLY reason they still around.
Ck1x  +   1697d ago
I think people are getting far to ahead of themselves here! Do I see Nintendo selling these controllers individually right now, no! But in that case I can see them releasing an extra controller
With the right software to push the idea of playing with an additional WiiPad. Kind of what they did with the Wii Fit/Balance board bundle. That's how they will justify selling the extra controllers plus driving a large install base for the extra pad as well...
X4life   1697d ago | Spam
beast242tru  +   1695d ago
its stupid if anything support 4 wii u controllers and support the original wii controller let the consumers hav the option of what they want to use and obviously people will buy its something new unless they cost $150

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