Valve News Thread of the Week

Todays thread of the week talks about Valve’s lack of DX10/11 supporting games.

While Valve has said in the past that they’ve taken bits and pieces out of DX10 for certain features, as a whole their games are still stuck in DX9-land. Many were hoping Portal 2 to support DX10 or even DX11, but unfortunately it isn’t. The game still looks okay but the engine is certainly showing its age.

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JsonHenry2737d ago

Why make a new engine/games when you are making more money selling other Dev's games and people keep buying your old source engine games?

Veni Vidi Vici2737d ago

Because people will move onto another engine soon because the Source engine is starting to show its age.

I predict we'll see Source Engine 2 when HL3 comes out. When that comes out is anyone's guess though.

Deputydon2737d ago

I don't think you will. Source will always be called Source. I don't think they will ever update the name. Valve has been updating Source engine since the day it came out. Each Major Valve release has added significant improvements to the engine. While it might not look as nice as Crysis, I'd hardly say Portal 2 was an ugly game.

Besides, I'll take Valve's gameplay over Crytek's anyday.

BeastlyRig2737d ago

I think they need to upgrade..

TABSF2737d ago

Valve continually update there engine.

Source from 2001 is dramatically different to Source 2011.

Just because the name has not changed does not mean the technology hasn't.

I agree with Deputydon, the name will stay but HL3 will defiantly have FB2/CE3/UE4 type visuals, no doubt.

STK0262737d ago

Valve's games are fine. They have great gameplay, offer a great multiplayer component and storytelling. Their graphics, while not as good as some other games like Crysis or the Witcher 2, are not bad enough to make their games ugly or unplayable.

For as long as the source engine provides graphics decent enough so that they don't ruin the experience, I don't mind Valve using it.