Star Wars: The Old Republic Won't Require Origin

GamrFeed writes: While EA's new digital distribution service Origin will be the only place online where you can buy and download Star Wars: The Old Republic, it won't be required to play the game according to a post on the SWTOR community forum.

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Panthers2738d ago

Its an MMO, a very large one. We all want the game, but we DO NOT want it rushed. That is the biggest pitfall for most MMOs today. It needs to come out polished. I am willing to wait for this.

fluffydelusions2738d ago

I agree but the wait is killing me :)

jdktech20102738d ago

I'm ok with needs to get here before the powerhouse lineup does this fall....TOO MANY GAMES!!!

zootang2738d ago

Is it true you only get 5 download with origin??? Because to me, that is a deal breaker.

SuperSaiyan42738d ago

I've been signed up for it for ages even got the e-mail to confirm my acceptance into the beta but that was ages ago and still nothing.

GrilledCheeseBook2738d ago

beta already started a long time ago but it is real selective with only a handful being accepted at a time

DarkBlood2738d ago

ahh good cuz when i buy a gaming pc, this better be on steam only site i'll be using to get pc games from

mananimal2738d ago

I dont care, ive already moved on, I WILL NEVER EVER give in to these CONTROL FREAKS, they can keep all their games, Im saving so much $$$, if its NOT on disc w/o any form of DRM, the answer is : HELL NO!!!.....period.