MediaKick Review: InFamous 2

MediaKick: "It’s a common conception that, generally speaking, superhero games are a bit pants. With the majority of film or comic tie-ins severely underwhelming, there have been few stand out games for a hero to take center stage. Sucker Punch’s InFamous made a valiant attempt to stutter and stumble in places, however, the sequel does no such thing. Whether you want to be the hero or the villain, InFamous 2 is the perfect example of just how to do a superhero game."

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jriquelme_paraguay2738d ago

please... can some one explain me the A system?...
i dont know... A+ is 10? and... A-?

MrDead2738d ago

Im not 100% sure but I think A+ is 100, A is 95, A- 90, B+ 85...... and so on.

zinkabass2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Game is a beast! I really love how they polish-up the core gameplay mechanics,.. It is just great,.. and It looks really amazing for an open world game with so much interactivity,..

TheGuardianFID2738d ago

I got my Platinum last night, the game ROCKS!!! 8)

Redempteur2738d ago

finished the good path last night this game rocks really hard !!