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ONM award their highest score ever to the 3DS Ocarina remake

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Brian52472742d ago

Really says something about your console that your best title is a game that came out over a decade ago.

Marcus Fenix2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

a game like Ocarina of Time is very hard to surpass, even if there won't be a better game coming to the 3DS, the standard is very high, it doesn't make sense to expect a game like Ocarina of Time 2 come every year or two, games like this come once in a decade or so, to alot of ppl this is the greatest game of all time (mine is MGS 1), so im not surprised if it's the best game on 3DS now, and the console is in it's 1st year or so, so early 2 judge it.

Mykky2742d ago

Are you dumb or are you just pretending?
Insulting someone's console is plain childish and insulting it with one of the best games ever created is very stupid.

Xof2741d ago

No. It really says something about the gaming industry that most big titles are ports, remakes and sequels.

Mykky2740d ago

To be excat its not a remake or a port. It is a remastered version, wich means that they made the game from ground up. Its not one of those poor ps2 - ps3 HD upgrades. And this is just the fourth month of 3DS's life. But do u know why they make ports and remakes? Its because the games are so good that they can live up to todays standars! Ocarina of time is the best game ever made for me so getting a fully upgraded version of it is just mind blowing. But we all have different tastes and opinions :)

Xof2740d ago

I was referring mostly to the industry as a whole, and less about OoT, specifically. Personally, I see a "remastered edition" as, well, basically a port with a few changes.

But anyway, the REAL reason why sequels and remakes are made has nothing to do with the quality of the titles... it's all about brand-recognition. When the economy is bad, the entertainment industry focuses on low-risk productions because they entail the least amount of risk. The reason we're seeing so many sequels and remakes with games is the same reason we're seeing the same thing with movies... the economy sucks right now.