Metro Online - Child of Eden Review

Playing Child Of Eden is one of the emotional experiences we've ever had with a video game. Not in terms of story or characters - there's not really any of either - but in its euphoric mix of visuals, music and gameplay. No one element dominates and the game would be nothing unless all three were working in perfect harmony. But they are and the end result is a blissful sensory overload unlike any other… or at least unlike any other but Rez.

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Kran2685d ago

Bought this game today.

Looking forward to trying it on both Kinect and with a controller. ;)

mendicant2685d ago

I tried it with the controller for like five minutes and it's totally not the same. You have to play it with Kinect, it's that much better.

callahan092685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I feel exactly the opposite. The Kinect controls are disorienting and inefficient. Controller is where it's at. I have a Kinect and I genuinely love using the device, but this is not the kind of experience that Kinect was built for. Kinect is better for broad, full-body motions, not pin-point aiming, rapid adjustment, and in-game-camera control

mendicant2685d ago

I totally disagree. If that's your experience then I don't know what to tell you but I didn't have any issues with it.

I've finished it once already and I'm working my way back through on hard using kinect. It feels clumsy with the controller too me.