How the Wii U Controller could be used

Gaming Irresponsibly's Adam Allcroft writes: So the Wii U caused a stir last week at E3 but people are still umming and erring over the new controller, which is basically a tablet with buttons. Even with the news that the Wii U will be 50% more powerful than a PS3 and that it will come out in early 2012, people are still understandibly being cautious. But with the few games that have been announced for the Wii U, how could that touch screen be used?

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blitz0x2710d ago

I really want to see the unit in action.

agentxk2710d ago

I see a lot of item screens in my future, lol

na-no-nai2709d ago

fatal frame; used as a camera to take picture of ghost!!

SinnedNogara2709d ago

I can imagine it being perfect for RPGs, RTSs, and tactical strategy games like Final Fantasy, EndWar, and Fire Emblem.

Jejojaja2708d ago

Eternal darkness 2
Mario Kart double dash 2
Star Wars rogue squadron
Any kind of rpg
Endless ocean and Fatal frame
Smash bros were the player with the Pad controls stages and item drops.