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Gears 3: “We want the online to actually f***ing work” – CliffyB

BeefJack: "Cliff Bleszinski has admitted that the number one priority when developing Gears of War 3 was getting the online multiplayer “to actually f***ing work” – joking “I hear that’s kind of important in this day and age.” (Cliff Bleszinski, Epic, Gears of War 3, Xbox 360)

Kran  +   1534d ago
Adding "f***ing" to a sentence doesnt make you a badass, Cliff :/
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davidmccue  +   1534d ago
I f***ing agree.
The Meerkat  +   1534d ago
A true badass doesn't need to say it.
He can just, , imply it.
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aCasualGamer  +   1534d ago
Atleast it's good that he acknowledges the fact that his previous two gears of war titles had fu**ing broken online.

Bit disturbing though that the change only came through after 3 games. That shouldn't have been the case. By the time they released 2 it should all have been resolved.
evrfighter  +   1534d ago
The fact that you are sitting here talking about badass even in a negative light means badass was the first word that came to mind when you read the title

I know cliffy reads n4g so keep to the fundamentals. Hit reg, hit reg, hit reg. Those three things make online gamers happy
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hay  +   1534d ago
That's fucking good.

Look maa! No stars! No stars!
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tplarkin7  +   1534d ago
He's got a potty mouth.
Keith Olbermann  +   1534d ago
No bad ass is designing a game. They live 'em.
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Kon  +   1534d ago
I bet he's more badass than you
Kran  +   1534d ago
I bet im more mature than him.
paintsville  +   1534d ago
That they want the online to work means this game will NEVER be released on PS3.
carlosjrix  +   1534d ago
@paintsville.. good one... lol sad but true!
Septic  +   1534d ago
Cliffy knows what he's doing. I'm happy about how seriously he is taking the multiplayer side of things. Hats off to you.

Dedicated servers for the win.
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newhumanbreed  +   1534d ago
lol it better. I returned Gears 2 after I beat the campaign because the multiplayer was unplayable for me. Then I went back to Gears 1. Oh well. :)
omi25p  +   1534d ago
Im glad that epic arent trying to cover up the fact gears 2 wasnt great online. Its always good to see a developer admiting their game had problems
I_find_it_funny  +   1534d ago
yea, they should admit right after the release lol
danielle007  +   1534d ago
I like how CliffyB is so blunt about things. Once you admit there's a problem, then you can actually work to fix it.
Why o why  +   1534d ago
strange that. I didn't see any negative points against gears 2 in the multitude of reviews even the ones published after everybody found out how inefficient the online segment was. It was not up to the standard of the 1st game and had many issues, glitches and and matchmaking took the piss. It definitely got a free pass. Ill also be fair and say that mgs4 also had online issues but still managed to get plenty of tens...maybe because the series is predominantly a single player experience, i dunno, trips to asia could of helped *wink wink* didnt even need the incentives as the game was top notch.
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tigertron  +   1534d ago
Well, I enjoyed the Gears 3 beta and had no issues with it, so I'm sure it will work.
chase167  +   1534d ago
Gears 3 multiplayer was trash
it takes to many bullets to kill
it feel like i was using a water gun
user8397144  +   1534d ago
Careful now I lost a bubble for commenting about the guns in the Beta.
Agent_S  +   1534d ago
What!?!? Wtf game did you play. It's not supposed to be 2-3 shot kills. I thought the beta was the most polished and balanced multiplayer experience i've had to date. I know its just my opinion but the guns were great, and every gun can be used effectively. Aside from some map tweaking Gears 3 is ready to go and set to impress.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1534d ago
?!! You must have been playing another beta. Mofo's were dropping me with at least 3-4 bullets with that damn Retro rifle. LoL!! I loved the beta.
jmallymav  +   1534d ago
You played the wrong beta my friend, gears 3 beta was fun, and probably better then 1+2
jrbeerman11  +   1534d ago
Play call of duty for 1 to 2 shot kills.

Or any clones fpr that matter

Or learn to aim either/or
HacSawJimThugin  +   1534d ago
Go shoot yourself with a water gun...are you serious? Lol. The beta was was genius, it flowed more like a water gun...you must not play many games online?!

Have you ever played a Gears game outside of the beta? The amount of shots it takes to kill is the same, give or take gun tweaks.

That was the best Gears out of them all...and that was just a piece, a smidgen of the overall game. Wow...some people.
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bangoskank  +   1534d ago
Much better than 1&2 IMO. I agree with the jrbeerman11. If you're not killing anyone it's because you suck at the game.
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jrbeerman11  +   1534d ago
Auto bubble for agreeing.

Also there are two shotguns that can kill in 1 hit, and sniper headshots, and power weapons, and grenades, not exactly water guns.
zeksta  +   1534d ago
Is it me, or is Cliffy a retard of some sorts?
Jack-Pyro  +   1534d ago
It's you.

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