GameRevolution: Torchlight II E3 First Impressions

GameRevolution writes:

"It's pointless to try to hide my love for the original Torchlight. It's an incredibly addictive game, so much that I even went ahead and played it on more than one platform, which is a rare thing for me." - Eduardo Reboucas, GameRevolution

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dbjj120882741d ago

Really excited about Torchlight II. At least Dungeon Siege 3 is here to hold me over.

ATiElite2741d ago

it's like a slow build up to Diablo 3. each game being better than the last one then BAM...Greatness

Dungeon Siege 3
Torchlight 2
Diablo 3

insertcoin2741d ago

Multiplayer. Want. Take my money.