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Sony: We'll do HD remakes where there's 'demand', 'a sense of franchise'

Sony will choose to release more PS3 HD collections if there's "significant demand" and "a sense of franchise," SCE Europe boss Andrew House has told CVG. (PS2, PS3, PSP, Sony)

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Squall5005  +   1624d ago
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 would make a nice little package.
WhiteLightning  +   1624d ago
Maybe, if they can, throw in all the other KH games that have came out since....it's doubtful they could remaster 358/2 days or Dream Drop Distance but maybe in the future just before KH3 comes out.

It's ridiculous how we have to keep going pltform to platform to play the games so don't get confused in KH3's story. I mean Dream Drop Distance apparently is the follow up to KH3 and it's for the 3DS, where KH3 will be on the PS3.

Hell I was confused in KH2, then I played Chain of memories which allowed me to enjoy KH2 story more.
darthv72  +   1624d ago
while there are plenty of games that could be remade....
does that in some way devalue the originals? I like the remastered ones myself but as a collector too I tend to think the more something is made (or remade) the more the value drops for the original.

Sony has done a good job with the god of war pack and sly cooper one. Fitting multiple games into the remastered release is better for the consumer (getting more for the $$). Plus it saves me from having to possibly damage my originals.
Bull5hifT  +   1624d ago
Please make GTA3,Vice,San an ....i'LL Suck Yo' D!** Sony ... Please, id be very Gratefull ... Hey who want Burgers?
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lil Titan  +   1624d ago
i want RPGS SONY!!!
Elyxir-pSx  +   1624d ago
FF7: Crisis Core is one of my favorite PSP games, It's a great game, Make a PSP HD remaster.
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hiredhelp  +   1624d ago

thats just wrong. man what a way to start my day by reading that.
Rumor  +   1624d ago
psi ops
StbI990  +   1623d ago
@Bullshift...LOOOOOOOOL, funniest, and u'll swallaw man.

Loool at people willing for a UNCHARTED RACING GAME...that sounds soooo gay xD
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EVILDEAD360  +   1623d ago
I salute some of these ideas
Hell yeah..I'd pay big money for a HD Double pack of Vice City and San Andreas..in fact I might suffer a minor stroke after hearing the news..

I'd even take a Resident evil 1 & 2 HD

Point Blank 1 & 2 HD with Move support (for all those old head gamers that remember Guncon)

Kings Field 1 & 2 (I would cry)

For the 360 Otogi 1 and 2, Knight of the old republic 1 & 2

Nintendo better HD EVERYTHING when Wii U comes out..that would sell the hardware day ONE

I honestly could care less..Shadow of the Collosus in September..NOTHING else matters

killcycle  +   1623d ago
Point Blank 1,2,3 & Ghoul Panic with MOVE SUPPORT in HD.

Thats what ps3 needs, them games were the hardest and most exciting arcade shooters of the generation.

I wish They patched Ps1 support so that the Move could act as the G-Con gun for These games because i got all these games but i can't use move for them!
gta2800  +   1623d ago
Can we request PS1 remakes? lol. It doesn't seem I'm ever gonna get my dream Legend of Dragoon 2, so a LOD1 remake will do just fine if that's all I can have :P
featherbottom  +   1623d ago

Yeah, you're absolutely right that it might devalue the originals.

But I honestly don't give a damn in the slightest.
I (along with, presumably, the vast majority of others) would rather play through the games that defined our young adulthood than to miss out because of a small handful of collectors pissing their pants.

I haven't been able to play MGS 2 or 3 or Devil May Cry 1, 2 or 3 or Ico or Shadow of the Collossus in more than half a decade and I'm missing them already. I don't care how much of a contrived money-grab this is by Sony, I still want to play these tiny chunks of my childhood regardless. These games are some of the best made in video game history, are absolute classics and need to be easily accessed by anyone who gives a damn about games in general.

In short: Do. Want.
DaTruth  +   1623d ago
Sony will choose to release more PS3 HD collections if there's "significant demand" and "a sense of franchise,"

Translation: Sony will choose to release more PS3 HD collections if there's a possibility of promoting a new game that's releasing soon!

Notice only games that are seeing sequels soon get the treatment!
gaffyh  +   1624d ago
That would be pretty good, but Jak & Daxter is the one I want most.
Nitrowolf2  +   1624d ago
Include Birth By sleep
CaptainPunch  +   1624d ago
This needs to happen, same with a Jak and Dexter collection.
CNXN  +   1623d ago
KH and JAK AND MUTHAFUCKIN DAXTER collection and im a happy gamer
showtimefolks  +   1623d ago
ask RS to do gta hd remakes with 3,vc and sa along with 2 psp gta games for full $60. 5 games for full game price.

Jak all 4 games from ps3 that ND made in HD i know the 4th is combat racing i want that too

all 4 ratchet games from ps2 with their online content if possible in hd

KH 1-2....THIS will happen but i doubt it will only be on ps3 i think it will be for xbox360 and ps3 like mgs and zoe series.(i could careless as long as we get to play it in hd)

FF7....I am not much of a ff fan but when ever i see a wish list for hd remakes this is on it so make some fans happy

mgs psp on psn maybe?
Andronix  +   1623d ago
OK do GTA 3 HD Collection & KOTOR!
GTA 3 HD Collection is needed. But how about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1&2 HD? Originally released on Xbox 1, they are two fantastic RPGs that deserve to be played again. And there is a sense of franchise as there is the new Star Wars MMO coming out (although not on PlayStation).
Kran  +   1624d ago


Seriously Please sony :(

I mean, here's a plan they could do for Ratchet and Clank.

Ratchet and Clank: HD Trilogy #1

Ratchet and Clank
Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal


Ratchet and Clank: HD Trilogy #2

Ratchet: Deadlocked
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
Secret Agent Clank

I mean since they're doing PSP remakes, they might as well ;)

@squall @croash why thank you ;)
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Squall5005  +   1624d ago
I like your thinking. Bubbles for you my friend
Croash  +   1624d ago

They did a nice move with Sly, now they have to bring his friends back!

Ratchet : Going Commando > Ratchet : Up Your Arsenal > Other Ratchet games = HD remake is greatly needed.

Jak of course needs to get a moment of glory to make everyone forget about the disaster The Lost Frontier was and encourage Naughty Dog to make Jak 4 before Uncharted 4 *cough cough* Uncharted Racing.

Edit: I was actually surprised that these 2 collection didn't get an E3 2011 announcement. It was really disappointing as I really expected everyone to go all out with HD collections (and we certainly have a few interesting ones coming soon).

@Squall5005, Kingdom Hearts Collection will surely come to accompany Kingdom Hearts 3. The question is, will it include Birth by Sleep HD?
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PirosThe4th  +   1624d ago
Uncharted Racing... you read my mind... I want Uncharted racing with CTR style gameplay...
Croash  +   1624d ago
I'd really love it if Naughty Dog announces Uncharted Racing on April, 1st 2012.
With a trailer of course.

That would be EXTREEEEEME.
moparful99  +   1624d ago
Is it just me or does nobody desire to see the crash bandicoot series recieve a comeback?? I miss those games and its what put naughty dog on the map...
dredgewalker  +   1623d ago
I want HD remakes of Zone of Enders 1& and Onimusha 1-3.
Sony360  +   1624d ago
Umm, hello? FF7?
nopunctuation  +   1624d ago
You want to crop that ps1 game to 1080p? That would not work out well...
NegativeCreep427  +   1624d ago
@ nopunctuation
Hopefully FF7 will be remastered and will be represented to satisfy the current expectations of the current generation. SE had just recently stated that it is still a very plausible possibility.

I personally feel that FF7 was a major landmark in the original Playstation's library. Even if every mechanic of the original FF7 was not modified and left still in the new remake; the Materia system and world map and everything. It would still be a worthy, million-selling product. At least for the real Final Fantasy fans that remember all the good way before FFXIII.
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FFXI101  +   1624d ago
"hello? FF7?"
Numbner one on my list...
SaiyanFury  +   1624d ago
I'll be honest and I don't know how some peoples' reactions will be: I would love to see a remake of FF7, I really would. But it's unrealistic. It would take a lot of manpower, a lot of time (over 5 years), and a lot of money. I've been researching this topic and how unlikely it is to happen, and I just don't see it. It would take a crapload of work to take a game that is a semi-hybrid of 2D handdrawn background an environments to bring it into complete 3D and HD. Series' like Ratchet & Clank, and Jak & Daxter are already fully 3D, as was the recently released Sly Cooper HD Collection. Would I like to see a remake of FFVII? Absolutely. Do I think it's realistic to expect one? No. Just my two cents, please take it for what you will.
dmc-run  +   1624d ago
Word up

Ratchet & clank and Jak & Daxter are the remakes I want the most
KozmoOchez  +   1624d ago
I have yet to buy a ps3 ratchet and clank game...although I've played and beat them, I won't purchase them until they get on the level of Up Your Arsenal...or unless they do an HD remake with functioning online.

I can't believe they dropped the multiplayer from UYA/Deadlocked. It was sooo awesome, nothing compares and Resistance MP/Coop aren't as fun imo
Eric Barrier  +   1624d ago
Yeah and they could do a
Jak & Daxter: Trilogy #1
Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Jak 2
& Jak 3

Then a Jak & Daxter: Trilogy #2
Jak X (Hopefully with online)
Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier
heyitsmichelle  +   1624d ago
I agree to the first trilogy you mentioned, but not the second one.
abc1233  +   1624d ago
KH/FFX please!
Cloudberry  +   1624d ago
I demand:
Devil May Cry HD Collection & Final Fantasy X, X2, XII HD Collection.

My wishes already came true with Metal Gear 2 & 3 + Peace Walker HD Collection, along with Silent Hill & Zone Of Enders HD thank you very much Konami & Hideo Kojima.
newhumanbreed  +   1624d ago
DMC HD has been spotted by a Spanish retailer, so that wish may come true as well :)
SpaceFox  +   1624d ago

Square better release an HD Collection with FFX, X-2 and XII. I would die of a heart attack when it's announced but it'd still be worth it.

Other than that the only ones that havent been announced that I desperately want are Jak and Ratchet&Clank.
kane_1371  +   1623d ago
oh man you just said it.
I want 12 badly, I somehow enjoyed it more than 7 and slightly more than first game
Zir0  +   1624d ago
The main remain remakes are from 3rd parties now GTA, FF, Kingdom Hearts and Persona all need HD remakes and hopefully they will follow Konami and bring them to the 360 as well since Sony doesn't have the rights to them.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1624d ago
They have the publishing rights Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 so you might be out of luck buddy :-)
Seijoru  +   1624d ago
Someone is butthurt he won't be getting these collections for his precious 360.
jneul  +   1623d ago
dream on ziro ff and kingdome hearts wont be coming to 360, just buy a ps3 already coz you know its better:-D
the_kutaragi_baka  +   1624d ago
i want Socom HD colection.
please Sony!
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stonecold3  +   1624d ago
i wouldnt mind rival schools and dino crises to be remade and battle arena toshinden and destruction derby
abc1233  +   1624d ago
Ah, Dino Crisis. That was one amazing game
J@D  +   1624d ago
I just want KH final mixes and FF International version finally on US and this a great chance for it.... make it happen S-E.
newhumanbreed  +   1624d ago
Resident Evil Outbreak HD collection. Do it SONY because Capcom won't. It's the biggest demand from Resident Evil fans.
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Emmettcelticfan  +   1624d ago
yes with the online play brought back
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Ascalon94  +   1624d ago
well they are making an HD version of RE4 so we will see
Ser  +   1623d ago
Oooooooh, an HD version of RE: Outbreak with multiplayer...

That would be the tops, too bad Capcom is too stupid to realize this.
kane_1371  +   1623d ago
they have their hands full with operation racoon city i believe but still if they want to make a reamake they must bitch slap nintendo and remake RE 1 for nintendo gamecube and be like "No you didn't say you don't want other people enjoy this masterpiece did you?"

Just the way Konami did with MGS collection.
I really want RE1 for gamecube.
it was beautiful
Septic  +   1624d ago
AllroundGamer  +   1624d ago
yeah FFVII or GTFO :p
kane_1371  +   1623d ago
FFVII was a PSone game.
If they want to make a remake they should in other word make the game from scratch when it comes to visuals.
which is a good thing and all to have a FFx above kind of graphic but takes lots of time and man power.
if it happens than it will be good.
otherwise, well i won't be surprised
Magnus  +   1624d ago
Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 4,5,6 remakes would be nice
kudakadere  +   1624d ago
Then do Syphon Filter 3,2
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Quagmire  +   1624d ago
GTA Collection
DMC Collection
Kingdom Hearts Collection
Jak Collection
Ratchet Collection
moparful99  +   1624d ago
A GTA collection would be outstanding.. I would love to play through vice city and san andreas in glorious hd with improved framerates and TROPHIES!!!
Ness-Psi  +   1624d ago
Translated: only if it makes us a ton of money.
kudakadere  +   1624d ago
Sony care more about the consumer liking it than the money , take PS3 exclusives for example . They spend millions .
Ness-Psi  +   1624d ago
money is paramount of course they would need a fan base but dont be fooled money is paramount.
Aloren  +   1624d ago
"Sony care more about the consumer liking it than the money , take PS3 exclusives for example . They spend millions ."

You can't be serious... you know, the main reason why they spend millions is to get more millions from the sales. And that's logical. Sony is a business, they want to make money just like everybody else.
moparful99  +   1624d ago
But you all make it sound like thats alll sony cares about.. Yes they are a business and making money is of great importance to them but on the same hand sony has shown their willingness to go to even greater lengths to please their loyal fans.. We all know how costly the psn breach was and psn being down for so long was a pr nightmare but sony did the right thing to ensure that customer trust remained intact... Sony cares about their fans and in turn we care about sony and will spend our hard earned money on their products.. Simple as that...
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Killzone3Helghast  +   1624d ago
well no shit.. what company doesn't want to make money, were you born yesterday or something?
NateCole  +   1624d ago
Lol!. Whats the point of remastering franchise fans don't want nor any will buy?.

Its common sense. Sony dosen't have the resources to remaster all they games they have including 3rd parties.

Sorry, either you are a naive little kid or a troll.
Ness-Psi  +   1624d ago
SmokeStack  +   1624d ago
SOCOM 2 HD ! ! !
Baka-akaB  +   1624d ago
Shin megami tensei hd collection (avatar tuner 1&2 - nocturne , and maybe the two Raido/devil summoner games ) , Persona hd collection .

I have even less hope for a shadow hearts hd collection , but who knows
Tigerfist  +   1624d ago
Onimusha HD would be cool. Silent Hill HD collection is missing 4.
Kewl_Kat  +   1624d ago
THANKS YOU! i can't believe no one mentioned the onimusha series yet :D
Tigerfist  +   1624d ago
Good old forgotten series. It's a pity that we haven't got ourselves a next-gen Onimusha.
madjedi  +   1623d ago
@tigerfist Looking at the dmc reboot capcom is doing and the way it is heading, maybe it's for the best.

I can't believe no one has mentioned the champions of norrath series, the ps3 and 360 owners (some have a ps3 as well) are hurting(from what i have read) for a good solid dungeon crawler grind game. Sacred 2 was pretty good, i scoured the ps3, 360 & pc boards to see if dungeon siege 3, was going to fill the dungeon crawler draught, played the demo and wow simple and slow combat and an very heavy emphasis on the story. -_-

It's a dungeon crawler not a jrpg, you could have a story line that makes cod stories look like a work of art. As longer as the combat, character build/skill set, loot and lvl grinding is solid, no one would care about the story good or bad.

I could see sony selling a million easy of a champions of norrath hd collection with both norrath and return to arms, with online voice chat and 4 player online coop for $39.99

There is a large group of dedicated dungeon crawler gamers on both consoles, and we are hungry for a good dungeon crawler. Maybe snowblind will deliver with war in the north, but it looks more a hack &slash two towers type game just on a level or 2 higher, and less like con.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1624d ago
Persona HD Collection please.
Heck, throw Disgaea HD collection in there too and the rest of Shin Megami Tensei games in there.

Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy.

The entire Megaman X through X6 plus Zero collection if possible.
Baka-akaB  +   1624d ago
I'd agree agree for the most part ... except disgaea hardly being worth hd remastering and being mostly sprite based anyway .

Knowing NIS , just wait enough and they'll remake it properly once again on newer consoles
moparful99  +   1624d ago
Wow Dark Cloud, I had forgotten all about that game.. Such fond memories... Thank you UltimateIdiot911 :)
PSjesus  +   1624d ago
Jack,Ratchet,Onimusha,Maximo(l uv this game) and
My favorite (Dark cloud 1+2+Rogue Galaxy on one BR)
nCiTy  +   1624d ago
Bushido Blade HD
Dart89  +   1624d ago
Legend of Dragoon,
SF Alpha series
Final fantasy
Ratchet and clank
Jak and Daxter
Killzone 1
Star wars battlefront 1 and 2
Ultimate spiderman
DBZ budokai tenkaichi series
Shining force
Resident evil 1-3 and the outbreak from ps2.
Hitman collection
I know it's a long shot for some of those but one can still hope no?
NobleRed  +   1624d ago
Where's Socom II HD???
Commodore  +   1624d ago
In the words of Lewis Black in the movie 'ACCEPTED' "Now isn't that a load of horseshit! buhahahah"

Nobody has been louder and demanded a remake more than the SOCOM community, and we get shit on.
#23 (Edited 1624d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ger101  +   1624d ago
HD versions of Project Zero 1-3, GTA III-SA, Hitman 2-Blood Money, DMC 1-3 and Siren 1 & 2 please?
AsiaticGodBorn  +   1624d ago
I would drool over the prospect of a PS3 Fatal Frame HD collection with MOVE/3D support seeing how the gameplay is tailor made for it in my opinion. High Definition/3D Motion Control Immersion = Epic Scares. Does anyone else want to see this remake?
Cloudberry  +   1624d ago
I'll definitely buy Fatal Frame Trilogy HD.
Ser  +   1623d ago
I'd love me some HD Fatal Frame! I'd buy that collection in a heartbeat.
T-K47x  +   1624d ago
A crash bandicoot collection has to be in the works, or at least a new game. That franchise was one of the PS1s biggest selling points, almost like Uncharted is now for the PS3 (Naughty Dog are just epic). They should package 1,2,3,Kart and Crash Bash with online play. Seriously that would sell like hot cakes. Theres so many others you can do aswell like the Timesplitters series and the Hitman series etc.
kane_1371  +   1623d ago
the kart will be a good thing, it will be a direct hit to Mario kart (AGAIN)
but totally , they should put the work and money on CB
But if i remember right SONY sold that thing *FACEPALM*
why is it like this?
ShinnokDrako  +   1624d ago
Wow, then wake up Sony!! I want:

R&C HD Collection (maybe it's coming? i'm not updated.. =P)
Jak and Daxter HD
Final Fantasy VII (maybe VIII too)
Soul Reaver HD
Kingdom Hearts I & II
Crash Bandicoot (1, 2, Warped, Kart... NOT the rest)
Spyro The Dragon 1 & 2 HD

Those would be my choice for now, for sure there are more around that would be great in HD.
HmongAmerican  +   1624d ago
FFX and FFX2 plz
saimcheeda  +   1624d ago
Negative Trend is the right word
These games have come and gone, id rather have new ones rather than playing old ones which i already own. Im not saying that I dont like the idea but like SONY has said releasing more would bring a negative response!
moparful99  +   1624d ago
I like the way sony is handling this.. They arent just taking every halfway decent selling franchise that was on the ps2 and trying to make a quick buck... They are being careful and selective and its adding to the value of the ps3 brand.. I'm in love with my God of War collection and grinning from ear to ear over the God of War origins collection... I bought a psp just for the two psp titles and now I get to play them in glorious hd with TWO joysticks and trophies.. Also looking forward to the metal gear collection despite no hd remake for metal gear solid 1 :(
Figboy  +   1624d ago
A lot of the franchises some of you are mentioning, Sony DOESN'T OWN THEM.

Sony doesn't own Spyro, Crash, GTA, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.

It's all up to the content owners to decide if they want to do HD Collections.

But since HD Collections are:

1) Cheap to produce.
2) Selling rather well.

I can't see why Rockstar, Square-Enix, EA, and the rest won't hop on board.

From Sony, I'd like:

A Ratchet and Clank Mega Collection: The 4 PS2 titles, and the 2 PSP titles. I'd buy this for $60. I imagine they'd all fit on a Dual Layer Blu Ray, if not, then two discs would be fine.

Jak and Daxter Collection.

A Level 5 "Master Collection" featuring Dark Cloud 1&2, Rogue Galaxy, and Jeanne D'Arc. If they don't want to remaster Dark Cloud 1 since it's so ancient, then DC2, RG, and JDA would be great.

Outside of that, Sony doesn't have too many major PS2 franchises to upgrade, and PS1 titles would take so much work that they might as well just do full-out remasters, which means the price/development time of PS1 remasters would be bigger than what it is.

All of my other HD Remaster Collections would come from 3rd parties, like Square-Enix.
Buuhan1  +   1623d ago
A Level-5 Collection but no mention of Dragon Quest VIII? Something's wrong with you, son.
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