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DoomeDx2738d ago

IMO, 60 frames are a must for Next Gen. But ofcourse they want to push the consoles to its limit, so it will still probally be 30 frames on 720p because the are maxing the graphics already before even thinking about resolutions and framerate

Theyellowflash302738d ago

Yeah, thats what concerns me about the next generation. I hope game developers focus on having the smooth gameplay first then worry about graphics. I would faint if Mass Effect played in 60FPS next generation.

MoveTheGlow2738d ago

There's also the familiarity that people have with 30fps in films and tv shows. No, it's not exactly 30 (I think it was 24?), but making a 30fps game gives it, to the Average Joe Gamer, a 'cinematic' feel.

But I'm right there with you. I love more skill-based, fast-paced games, and if you aren't locked in at a smooth 60fps, it doesn't work. Devil May Cry 3 wouldn't nearly have its appeal if it ran at the speed of, oh, Enslaved. Not that that would ever happen to DMC, right?

Theyellowflash302738d ago

LOL i see what you did there at the end. But yeah im a little worried about the new DMC. Using the unreal engine is not what i wanted to hear. Hopefully the game runs at 60FPS.

LightofDarkness2738d ago

UE3 is one of the easiest engines to get to run at 60FPS if you really want it to, it has a plethora of streaming options and compression techniques coupled with some "visual trickery" that can keep the game looking pretty nice with a high framerate.

Honestly, if NT can't get UE3 running at 60FPS they are pretty hopeless.

Tetsuryu2738d ago

Based on my past experience with the engine myself, I can tell you (and people I've worked with will tell you the same thing) it's almost impossible get 60FPS on consoles without some major corner cutting and compromises in the visuals even with some of the new features.

But in a sense LightofDarkness is correct, it's easy to get any title to an average of 60FPS (and 1080P if you want) on today's home consoles with virtually any decent engine, just don't expect Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 visuals (or anything near that for that matter). Turning off V-sync is almost mandatory in most cases.

To get it to look like this (at its current state) and have it run at said framerate, it's simply not going to happen, period. Unless NT has some miracle programmers to prove me wrong, which I hope, but doubt is the case.

NetherRealm Studios were one of the only ones to pull it off, but not without difficulty and taking a hit in the graphics department. Not to mention the maps (stages) are fairly small compared to other genres (and you only have 2 combatants onscreen majority of the time). You can read the documentation here if you want to learn more.

When it comes to choosing FPS versus visual quality, most studios tend to lean towards better visuals in the action genre, especially by Western studios. There are numerous reasons why that's the case.

While it's a good engine for its value (fairly cheap license compared to most out there), it's not quite the powerhouse in terms of raw power compared to some of the in-house engines from the other juggernauts of the industry. If it was capable of pulling a feat like that with relative ease, I'd be all over UDK and not use anything else.

Baka-akaB2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

THere is only one category of games i refuse to play below 60 fps , that would be fighting games .

Otherwise , while unfortunate , and soon unacceptable for any upcoming home console , i can deal with it .

60 or 30fps doesnt exactly decide the pace and feel of the game .

I'm worried over DmC , especially at 30 , but more because of Ninja theory's lack of skills when it comes to creating a fast paced , fluid , lag free and intense enough gameplay ... so it get's even worse when you factor the fps count .

But look at bayonetta and vanquish , incidently both from Platinum games , you can definitively have a fast paced and skill based game at 30 fps .

Theyellowflash302738d ago

Bayonetta is 60FPS on the 360 isn't it? But I agree with you. I would just rather have 60 cuz i can tell the difference in a action game and in games like COD over Killzone between 30 and 60 FPS.

rumplstilts2738d ago

Strategy games should also be 60 fps. Being able to observe all your units is easier.

MoveTheGlow2738d ago

I'd say that too, Baka, but then I'd hear something about 3rd Strike's framerate and completely eat crow, I'm sure. BTW, I can't wait for the online version...

Baka-akaB2738d ago

Not sure i followed and understood you there . SF 3rd strike runs in 60 fps .

Brunow2738d ago

Seriously guys, this article is pointless right ?

Gran Touring2738d ago

I don't think 60 fps is necessary for all games, just certain types; namely racing and fighting games. Platformers usually have it (DMC, Ninja Gaiden, GOW, etc.) but it isn't so necessary. If Uncharted, Mass Effect and GTA ran at 60 frames, it would certainly be a commendable achievement for the graphics, but it wouldn't really help the gameplay.

tplarkin72738d ago

If games ran at 60fps minimum, it would grow the industry.

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