4Story Online Instigate An Aerial War

Personally I don't mind a good MMO game, they're immersive, engaging and downright enjoyable. What can put me off though, sometimes, are extortionate monthly fees that make me play more than I originally would. That's not cool. It's a good thing we do have free alternatives, such as '4Story' from Zemi Interactive, and they've just announed brand new PvP content.

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flipmop442711d ago

i love free games even though they aren't quite as good and you have to watch adds before some.

zeal0us2711d ago

too many of them(f2p) taking the generic route and not really bring anything new to the game.

Cwalk8162711d ago

Exactly, there are very few unique free to play games out there right now.

ares21al2710d ago

We need new and innovative f3p games not more low quality.

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