Eurogamer: Forza Motorsport 4 Preview

Through all the hype and noise, it's difficult to figure out what there is to really get excited about in Forza 4 - and beyond some shallow cries (more graphics! motion control!) it's just as hard trying to decipher what meaningful changes have been made to Turn 10's formula.

Stepping up to actually play the game, it's also easy to be a little complacent. Forza's handling has veered from the dry simulation of the second game to the more pliable cars of 3, but the one constant has been its forgiving nature. Within seconds it's clear that Forza has changed dramatically.

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jellybalboa2739d ago

when i finally finish GT5 in 2012 i will look into this game

Montrealien2739d ago

and you will be treated to yet another great racing sim. :)

Pyscho_Mantis2739d ago

i still need to do those damn endurance races the 24 hour one is killing me. I tried last night on the Nurburgring and was amazed to see that in the night the campers light up their tents and in the morning you see smoke coming form their tents. Its awesome but since weather is random it rained the whole day for me :(

Lets see if this game has enduros too.

mcstorm2739d ago

I cant want for this game its each time I read something it sounds like it is getting better and better.

Raf1k12739d ago

Yep, sounds like it's going to be more sim like this time when you take off the assists. I'm a little surprised that the tyre data would make such a difference in the vehicle handling.

Mustang300C20122739d ago

It was sim like in the previous game becuase you could take off the assist as well. Yes it has improvements but it was a sim in Forza 3 as well.

paintsville2739d ago

Wow this is an AMAZING game. definately the MOST realistic graphics of ANY racer on the market period. It didn't that 6 years and $65 million dollars to develop either. Good time to play XBOX.

jellybalboa2739d ago

meh........GT5 is on another level, you say that coz you have never played GT5. If your a Hardcore Gamer then GT5 is the real deal, i wont lie to you forza 3 is a great game but to me Gt5 is the daddy. Truth be told i will be buying Forza 4 on release. If you love gaming you should buy both consoles so you have the best of both platforms.

kingdoms2739d ago

GT5 is indeed on another level a lower level based on its meda score and people playing F4 at E3 and not to mention what we all see.

The_Ultimate_Guy2739d ago

GT5 is a good game. It's just unfortunate that it was released as an incomplete game that lacked some important CORE features. Instead it felt like Sony rushed PD to tack on irrelevant features like 3D and a ton of unnecessary cars just so that the game could have a 1000 cars.

I feel PD could have made a much better GT game that everyone was expecting like they stated a couple years back saying "it was done and they can ship it when they feel like it" to suddenly it taking another couple of years.

I think all the Premium cars in the game were going to be the only cars until Sony stepped in and said put another 800 cars in the game and add 3D now. I feel sorry for PD having to work under Sony. PD could have released a much better game.

CernaML2739d ago

I was loving the new physics and handling when I was playing the E3 demo. It's much more closer to GT5's handling which I feel is perfect.

I really hope they add a ton of things to do in this game though. I love the Top Gear commentaries but I want rally, formula 1, night races, weather transitions, etc.

Forza 4 may be one of the most polished racing games out there but GT5 is still the most ambitious. I still can't believe how much more amazing it got after the latest patch.

This game is definitely my most anticipated Xbox 360 game of this year though.