Redbox Game Rentals Start Today With Decent Selections: Kiosks Charge $2/Day "Redbox has been market testing their game rental system for a while now and the program worked well, apparently. Starting today Redbox is rolling out game rentals to all their kiosks for $2 dollars per day. The selection doesn’t look too bad at all."

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christheredhead2735d ago

i was not expecting such a great list to be honest. ive been wanting to try out brink but i just haven't had the cash to buy it. this is great news. 2 dollars a day is a good price.

Soldierone2735d ago

At the same time kinda debatable. I was expecting it to be a 2 dollar rental, followed by one dollar a day afterwards. Going to Blockbuster you can spend 7 dollars and keep it for 7 days. With this price at Redbox, it would charge you 14 dollars to keep it for 7 days.

However I will use it simply to rent games for a day only just to try them out. Then take it back and either go buy it if it will take longer than a week to beat, or rent it at Blockbuster.

christheredhead2735d ago

yah i definitely see what you're saying. ive never rented at blockbuster but isn't there also a memebership fee? i could be wrong. i always thought there were more fees included so i never go to blockbuster.

this definitely appeals to me though. i have a crazy work schedule and the only time i have to truly get into a game is the weekends. so i can go pick something up on friday and return it monday morning on my way to work. mostly im interested in trying out different games over the weekend to see if its something i want to buy and redbox seems like a pretty good option now.

mainly i expected to see bargain bin games like some wii party games or something. so it just kind of took me by surprise that they actually have fairly new titles available.

Soldierone2735d ago

I was expecting the same thing, I wonder how they will handle all future releases as those things can't really hold a lot of copies. Maybe we will see them being sold at discounted prices?

If its less than 7 days, like you are doing for weekends, its a great deal and thats what I like about it. For Blockbuster there isn't any membership fee's its completely free. The only "fee" they have now is the late fee's again. Basically bring it after 7 days and you have to pay per day or whatever. At least from my experience. I go there a lot simply to rent games.

I wish all the other local video and game places didn't close, and now Blockbuster might be leaving. We literally have Redbox or Blockbuster in my area, thats it and it sucks. I miss Gamers lol...

christheredhead2735d ago

sweet. i always assumed there was some sort of fee involved but i never bothered to actually go in and see for myself. i might actually go check out their selection now that you mentioned it cause thats really not as expensive as i thought either. i probably should have just gone inside blockbuster instead of just assuming prices and fees haha. but yah, its pretty much the same in my area. if you want to rent its either redbox or blockbuster. at least redbox has games now so there is some minor variety.

JsonHenry2735d ago

Gamefly is still the better deal for me. renting a game for a couple days won't give me enough time to actually beat it because of work/kids. If you have a free weekend and nothing else to do though this would be the way to go.

Hdawger2735d ago

Two dollars for a day is absurb! I can go to my local video rental store, and get these titles for 3 days for one dollar!

Jack-Dangerously2735d ago

That's nice and all for you. But, a lot of people simply don't have rental places outside of the redbox anymore. So... 2 dollars isn't absurd when there is no other choice.

xabmol2735d ago

...nothing is absurd when there is no other choice...

Hdawger2735d ago

I think at the least it could be like someone else suggested where everyday after is 1$ instead of still being 2$

Jdub895O2735d ago

farewell blockbuster...

aquamala2735d ago

It's $2 til 9pm next day, so $2 if you rent sat morning and return 9 pm Sunday, practically whole weekend, long enough to finish most games

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