Battlefield 3: PC and PS3 Comparison.

Today the PS3 demo of BattleField 3 was shown off. Here are a few picture showing off some of the differences between the PC and the PS3 version. Not only does some of the lighting look different, but literally some of the buildings are completely different.


Here a side by side Video comparison

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coolboy2212252d ago

I didn't even notice that they had different buildings in the PS3 version.

I_find_it_funny2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

as a console only gamer I'm satisfied

RedDead2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I agree it does look great on Console, obviously the PC does bring it to a new standard but that's to be expected of a game utilizing 2011 tech to the max, but the Ps3 version is Great. I didn't think it would be this good. Shows it got some power left in it...Although the mai difference between Pc on Ps3...the amount of players and size of maps. They're the real reasons to get the Pc version. Even if you can only medium spec it

And the

Wow the Pc version is really something else though, just look at all the little upgrades, the ground textures even, the water on the ground too

Nitrowolf22252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

IDK why it's floating. It's Not a glitch on the PS3 version though because it's also floating on the PC version

So my guess is that its the same old build as the first PC demo. IDk

@Warrior Below

In the vid i supply it's hard to see but

These are right after you save the guy, notice the shadow of the guns? Well they also back away a little in the PS3 demo and PC one to show that the gun is indeed floating.

warrior99882252d ago

where is the floating gun?

coolboy2212252d ago

must be a glitch in both demos

CaptCalvin2252d ago

That gun is probably a part of the animation and they probably did not mo cap the gun very well.

jeseth2252d ago

I knew the PC Demos earlier were just smoke and mirrors.

Don't get me wrong the Console PS3/360 version looks good but it in no way comes close to the PC version.

EA needs to quit this crap. They did it with BFBC2. BF3 looks a hair better than MOH and BFBC with some nicer animations.

Aquanox2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Starting with Cysis 2 , The Witcher and this one, the difference between PC and consoles start widening noticeably, even more when you play on a big TV. I think we're ready for a next-gen :D

^^ The guy above must be on crack. BF3 is by damn far the best looking BF.

Theonetheonly2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

there is definitely a change in the tune of the comments on this article.

i notice that since a majority of the comments are in defense or vailidation of the ps3 the comments are less aggro and type much more bipartisan.

i keep reading half sentences like "obviously will be better on pc" , then comes the "but...."

"its still good for a console."

i just think it says something, the change in stance from aggrevated ps3 elitist holding the 360 owners head over a toilet, to a content ps3 owner who is happy with his life while rationalizing that the difference is negligible.

its like,.... it dont even know what to call it but you can see it plainly.

cool to witness. :)

Trebius2251d ago

Guy above me sounds like an idiot. Obvoiusly the PS3 version's not going to be better than the PC. That doesnt change the facts about the ps3 vs 360

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DoomeDx2252d ago

Both versions have that now.
The FaultLine gameplay is older footage.

-Superman-2252d ago

Consoles = Limited, PC = unlimited power
PC wins, we all know that.

RaptorGTA2252d ago

Pc is what u can afford.

Statix2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Correction: PC is limited by current consumer-level technology.

It's also limited by the near-monopoly of the dated x86 CPU architecture and whatever processors Intel chooses to sell you (well, there's AMD also, but Intel still essentially has the stranglehold).

Shane Kim2252d ago

It is limited by the tech. I mean you can't stuff it in with things that don't exist. But still, if you want a gaming PC that can play this on max settings it'll probably cost you. And then it'll cost you 1 year from now since your gfx card will be out of date nad your hdd is filled with shit and your RAM is low and so on.

Snakefist302252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Well my pc is limited and shit I can witcher 2 at 800x600 resolution with low settings and same to crysis 2 which look worse than the console version.I have to buy a $500 graphics card (for the long run to play future games) to get the unlimited power that I cant afford.The only thing I hate abut pc is U hav upgrade ur graphics card for every 2yrs.I rather buy the console version of battlefield 3 than the pc version which I have to upgrade my pc.

superrey192252d ago

U don't need a $500 card to max those games out. A $300 (current price of a ps3) card will allow u to max most games at 1080p for about 2 years and allow u to run games at medium/high settings (which still looks much better than consoles) for another year or 2 after that. Honestly, PC gaming isn't as expensive as people make it out to be. Sure, a few people like to splurge on their PC's but they don't represent everyone.

B00M2252d ago

Shane Kim - your speaking bullshit, stop.

awi59512252d ago

@Shane Kim

Your so wrong its funny lol. My cards are 3 years old and i still max everygame. Im just upgrading for BF3 because 3 cards use so much power and generate alot of heat. I run witcher 2 on uber settings at 1080P and thats on 3 yr old cards. I dont have to upgrade i just want a powerful single card with direct x11. If not for that i dont have to upgrade at all. Im getting 100 fps at 1080p in all of todays newest games but my cards are too damn hot and one card is alot less trouble.

Pixel_Enemy2252d ago

PC is limited to the hardware in your machine, it is constantly evolving and you are constantly spending money to have the most up to date hardware.

PC is limited to your wallet

metsgaming2252d ago

exactly what raptorgta said, can you find a $300 PC anyone here can buy that can do what the ps3 version does? I dont think so you need to spend more money to get that and even more to get max on pc.

WetN00dle692252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Ill tell you this much, from what i am seeing there is not much difference between both version.
Im liking what i am seeing! Now all they need to do is show the 360 version so i can make a proper decision as to which version to buy.

stevenhiggster2252d ago

Let's see how it runs on a PC that cost £400 quid to build 5 years ago, which is what my PS3 cost 5 years ago, cause I'll guarantee it won't look anywhere near the PS3 version.
My PC cost me £1300 to build in 2007 and I reckon it'll look better than the PS3 version. But value for money, the console version wins hands down.

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subtenko2252d ago

Why isnt the xbox360 version being compar- oh..nvm =]

dantesparda2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Wow! just wtf is wrong with people these days? talk about "complete and utter b!tches" People will complain and b!tch about anything these days. The game looks great on the PS3 and im sure on the 360 too, Yet people b!tch and complain about it. Ugh! you people make me sick!

WetN00dle692252d ago

Agreed, im sure the 360 version will look great as well.

damnyouretall2252d ago

the animations look a lil different. i figured it could at least handle the madden animation system. maybe im wrong and it does animate like the pc version. idk from that footage, but thats what i seen

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Pandamobile2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I know I'm stating the obvious, but the shadows and lighting looks SO much better on the PC version.

Nitrowolf22252d ago

Yeah you can see that on the screens with the tree, where the building is casting a shadow. In the PS3 shot it's light and PC it has the correct shadow.

You can especially tell from the inside shot with the shelf. PC shadow, PS3 no.

Other wise it looks great, wonder how old this build is.

captain-obvious2252d ago

actually its obvious they changed the day time
that's why there is a VAST change in the shadows

sobekflakmonkey2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Captain-obvious is right, you can tell all the shadows in the PS3 version are going in a different direction, most likely meaning they changed the time of day, the game is looking great though, just would rather DICE post HD pictures of both instead of looking at these low res pictures, and hopefully if that does happen someone will post pics of it side by side, instead of having to open two links and click back and forth..

AllroundGamer2252d ago

but probably more people on the PC will turn the shadows and lighting down in multiplayer, so you can spot enemies easier :)